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Asia was the closest of the choices available, hehe.

I'm from Aotearoa/New Zealand! I have seen one other Kiwi around the forums, in my meandering, but I'd be interested to know if there are any more or anyone else in Oceania who frequents here.

I'm actually planning on moving to be with Bold at the end of 2011 so then I'll be on the North-East side of the US of A.


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Snap, Kapiti Coast, but hopefully moving to Brisbane soon. There is a poly group that meets up in Wellington occassionally. You can get in touch with them via the NZ poly site.

We've also (my partner actually), joined the Australian poly group in anticipation of our move. They seem more active than the polys here.


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FlameKat: Hey neighbour!

FitChick: Oh wow, hey! Um, I'm actually quite shy about meeting new people but thank you for the offer, I'll see if I have the courage sometime, hehe.

sage: Moving to warmer climes? Can't say I blame you! It's really nice up Kapiti way, I have a brother, niece and sis-in-law up there.
Hi neighbours....?

Hiya all!

We've only just found this site and are wondering whether there are still peeps in the area looking for friends and friendships...?


We're an attractive, sexy couple in our 30's who are looking for a happy, sensual, woman to explore ourselves and our fantasies with. We travel extensively for work and will only be in NZ for the next 4 months or so... Please leave a msg if you think you'd like to chat and meet.

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It sounds as if you're looking more at the swinging community rather than the polys. That stuff all happens on NZdating
but even there it isn't easy finding a woman who wants a sexual relationship with a couple.

These fantasies of yours sound intriguing (lol) but alas I'm a bit long in the tooth I fear.


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I'm in Whangarei, in the north ;)