Okay...I'm sticking my toe in the water....


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Hello All :) Obviously, I'm new, and I'm also from Michigan, looking mainly for other women but am open to talking with anyone really.

I'm not really a vanilla girl but have maintained a vanilla facade for a long time, and it has dawned on me that it's time for me to start living my life the way I feel I need to, regardless of what society deems *right*. Anyway! Hi! haha Hope to hear from someone...everyone...anyone!

Well, I wasn't using the vanilla term with regard to BDSM necessarily, but moreso in the respect that polyamory isn't really...mainstream? But since you asked...haha...I will provide my website information to you, Doll, if you're interested. Just Im or email me. Thanks for the response! M.
Welcome to the forum

Whereabouts in the great state of MI? ( show me on your hand) :)

Welcome and I hope you find the forum informative and a safe place to talk about your explorations.
Hmm...I understand Ygirl...and I appreciate you saying that, though...I'm usually the one teaching the lessons. :)
Hi and welcome!

LMAO @ you and ygirl hehehehheehe...

I WAS from SW ontario, about an hour from Port Huron, but now living down under with my loves.
I've heard that folks in Michigan do it with their hand!