Online-Survey about relationship formation


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I’m currently doing some research about relationship formation and attitudes toward different relationship configurations in the context of my bachelor thesis. This issue has never been addressed in this way before. Thus, it is particularly important for the success of my investigation that many people participate in my survey.

Hence I would be very grateful if you filled out my online-survey. It will take about 15 minutes, and there is, of course, the opportunity to get information about the results (after the study is closed).

The link to the survey (in German and English) will be available up to and including 11th of March:

Thank you for your help,
Agnes Steixner


Did the survey.

This one was actually easier than some of the others because more options were offered for certain questions and it didn't feel as "couple-centric" as many.

Interesting. I liked that one a great deal.
I enjoyed this survey, it was much easier to find answer that were consistent with my feelings and situation. It seems to have a stronger emphasis on sexual non-exclusivity than emotional non-exclusivity (in the first case, romantic relationships were not discouraged, but the current one wasn't romantic; in the second case romantic relationships were discouraged) and as a result it was a little bit harder to identify with either scenario (I would prefer to be romantically involved with anyone I have sex with, although a friendship could mean enough trust and intimacy that romantic love might not be necessary from the get go).

I too enjoyed being able to give more than one answer on many of these questions.