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Hello! I skipped a step and jumped straight into posting without introducing myself. How rude! This will repeat some of the things I wrote in my post in the New to Polyamory section, but I still want to do a proper introduction. So…

I’m a 30ish, recently divorced, straight, mono woman. I’m in a relationship with a man who is in a newly open marriage. We didn’t start things expecting that any sort of serious or committed relationship would be on the table, but I guess you can’t really predict falling in love. So here I am, trying to understand how poly relationships work, and how I fit into one as a mono secondary. I’m also looking to connect with other people who understand our lifestyle/relationship choice. I don’t have any poly or poly-friendly friends, and I felt a bit like I was living in a vacuum before I found this forum.

Looking forward to “meeting” everyone! :)


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Hello and welcome. :D
How great is it when a "traditional" type or mono joins here with an open mind?! Looking up resources about polyamory to get your head around it shows a strong level of interest and/or commitment to working on a strong relationship with this man, and this couple - even if you're straight and not romantically involved with his wife, you're dating them both, lol. Glad to have you here, hope you'll stay a while!