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Hi there! Below you will find a list of polyamory-focused blogs belonging to our registered members, but hosted at other sites. To be included in the list, please send me a PM (private message).

I only include poly-related blogs in this list. If you want people to visit your non-poly blog, or if you wish to recommend a blog written by someone who is not registered here, you can post a thread in the Fireplace (or other appropriate forum) or have a link in your profile, as long as it is not a commercial site or containing illegal content.

Some of the blogs haven't had an update in a while. If you enjoy the blogger's old posts, why not let them know? Maybe they will start posting again.

If a blog requires an invitation, there may be a link on their blog page to contact them. Alternately, you can send a PM or email to the member through this forum by visiting the link to their profile page (included below) and clicking on "Send Message" (if they have that choice enabled). I don't have access to all of the invitation-only blogs myself, so if you visit any and find they are not focused mostly on polyamory, please let me know and I'll remove them from the list.

Also, if any of the blogs here are commercial in nature, contain questionable or illegal content, or if a link is dead, PM me. I will occasionally add a new blog as I come across them, and will clean out dead links every few months, when possible.

Dead links & non-poly blogs removed: Dec. 9, 2013
New blogs added: July 30, 2014
New blogs added, 7 dead links removed: August 24-26, 2016

The list is ordered alphabetically, by username. Enjoy!

Blogs by our members with a primary focus on polyamory:

Member: 3isnotacrowd
Blog: http://3isnotacrowd.wordpress.com/

Member: AggieSez
Blog: www.solopoly.net/

Member: Alan7388
Blog: http://polyinthemedia.blogspot.com/
Blog: http://polyevents.blogspot.com/

Member: AlanAnna
Blog: http://www.theordinaryextraordinary.com/TheOrdinaryExtraordinary/Our_blog/Our_blog.html

Member: belleamore
Blog: http://casse-mur.livejournal.com/
Blog: http://bellesmanyloves.wordpress.com/

Member: Capricorny
Blog: http://polyamori.blogspot.com/
(written in Norwegian)

Member: Carnita
Blog: http://carnalporridge.blogspot.com

Member: CielDuMatin
Blog: http://cieldumatin.livejournal.com/

Member: clairegoad
Blog: http://polyyarnlove.blogspot.com

Member: cuteazcpl
Blog: http://www.mizzpoly.blogspot.com/

Member: drtalon
Blog: http://drtalon.wordpress.com/

Member: Geminigirl
Blog: http://kikimuse.blogspot.com/
(Private - PM Geminigirl to request invitation)

Member: gomugirl1656
Blog: http://polyinthepond.blogspot.com/

Member: honestlyopen
Blog: http://www.honestlyopen.com

Member: Irena
Blog: http://irenarowley.wordpress.com

Member: IsobelR
Blog: http://morethantwo-lessthanthree.blogspot.com/

Member: JessicaBurde
Blog: http://www.polyamoryonpurpose.com

Member: katja24
Nlog: http://www.monogamyparadigm.blogspot.com/
Blog: www.sexualityreclaimed.com

Member: Kemie
Blog: http://polygoodgirl.livejournal.com/

Member: landica
Blog: http://thekinkymormon.blogspot.com/

Member: littlegiggler
Blog: http://robinbutterflyinfo.wordpress.com

Member: LovingRadiance
Blog: http://lovingradiance.wordpress.com/
(Private - PM LovingRadiance to request invitation)
Blog: http://aafteota.wordpress.com/

Member: MadisonAdder
Blog: http://madisonadder.wordpress.com/
(Private - PM MadisonAdder to request invitation)

Member: MindfulAgony
Blog: http://mind-crush.com/

Member: OhioLove
Blog: http://rhetcomppolydiss.wordpress.com/

Member: ourquad
Blog: http://lovingmorethanone.wordpress.com/

Member: polyhope2012
Blog: polyhope.blogspot.com

Member: PurpleSun
Blog: queerwomanrising.wordpress.com

Member: risingscarlet
Blog: http://scarletsredletters.blogspot.com

Member: rosephase
Blog: http://rosephase.blogspot.com/

Member: Shannanigan
Blog: http://lovetimesinfinity.wordpress.com/

Member: SpiritSkye
Blog: http://www.twinsoulrevelations.org/

Member: UnwittinglyPoly
Blog: http://unwittinglypoly.blogspot.com

Member: utahpolyfam
Blog: http://mysocalledpolylife.blogspot.com/
(Private - PM utahpolyfam to request invitation)

Member: YouAreHere
Blog: http://poe-etry.blogspot.com/
Blog: http://frombaltictoboardwalk.blogspot.com/

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