Performance Anxiety (2018-12-21, St Petersburg, FL, USA)

PERFORMANCE ANXIETY...NOW ON A MONTHLY ROTATING FRIDAY! Each month this gathering will now take place on a different Friday, and possibly the occasional Wednesday as a bonus night!

Come join us for a night of karaoke, drinks, and meeting new and familiar faces! Drinks are inexpensive, the bartender is friendly, and Jacke is still providing the music!

Don't care to sing? No worries! Come out to socialize!

First time to one of our events? Seek ye the event host(s) and we'll do our best to introduce you to other members in our group! Look for the balloon, which will probably be heart-shaped!

Jacke Jams hosts karaoke every Wednesday and Friday night at the Red Tiki Bar in St Petersburg from 8PM to Midnight. Our gathering takes place on the Final Friday of each month from 8:30PM-11:30PM. Feel free to come earlier and stay later if the desire hits you!

Event etiquette and FAQ can be found here:
As of the time this comment is posted, we have 9 “going” and 9 “maybe going”. Keep in mind that this event has been cross-posted in multiple places (Meetup, Facebook, FetLife, and and the usual caveats are in place for preliminary headcounts; for more information about that, as well as general event etiquette, please visit

The weather is going to be chilly…or as one likes to say, “a tit bit nipply”, with the temp in the upper 50’s and probably more of this wind we’ve been having all day.

No balloon tonight, but we’re going to try to be situated in our usual spot, which is that half-circle booth thing (to the immediate right of the right front entrance). We may be a smidgen late but don’t panic!

It’s not too late to say you are going! You can even go early (8PM) to get a practice song in) or stay late (until 12AM) to get that last-minute song in!

Looking forward to seeing you there!