Performance Anxiety (2019-02-01, St Petersburg, FL, USA)


Each month this gathering will now take place on a different Friday, and possibly the occasional Wednesday as a bonus night!

What to expect:
People singing karaoke and spectators who won't! Songs sung in ways you've likely never imagined! Songs you may not have heard before...or at least for quite some time!

The host(s) plan to arrive at around 8:15 and plan to secure the table we usually takeover (the half-circle booth in the corner of the bar). If you want to sing, you'll need to make yourself known to Jacke (the KJ) and she will put you on the rotation. She has hundreds of thousands of songs to choose from -- no book at all! Just think of a song you like and she'll see if she has it...and chances are she will! But most importantly, be sure to let her know when you are leaving so that you are removed from the rotation.

What you need to bring:
Yourself and any friend(s) you want! The bar does not serve food, and the drinks are very reasonably priced - so bring a method of payment to pay for what you order!

How to find us:
The host(s) will be wearing lanyards with their names on them. We're hoping to get that half-circle booth in the corner of the bar (usually we do but every once in a while we don't). Once the booth is filled we will pull barstools over to keep the conversation going.

Final Notes:
Jacke Jams hosts karaoke every Wednesday and Friday night at the Red Tiki Bar in St Petersburg from 8PM to Midnight. Our gathering takes place on a random Friday of each month from 8:30PM-11:30PM and the occasional Wednesday from 8:30PM-10:30PM; be sure to check the PolySocial Meetup calendar as events are announced. Feel free to come earlier and stay later if the desire hits you!

Event etiquette and FAQ can be found here:
As of the time this comment is posted, we have 11 “going” and 6 “maybe going”. Keep in mind that this event has been cross-posted in multiple places (Meetup, Facebook, FetLife, and and the usual caveats are in place for preliminary headcounts; for more information about that, as well as general event etiquette, please visit

Temperature tonight will be in the mid-60’s and no rain expected until the early morning hours.

It’s not too late to say you are going! You can even go early (8PM) to get a practice song in) or stay late (until 12AM) to get that last-minute song in!

Looking forward to seeing you there!