Photogrraphy nuts?

Thats a great camera you have...i have the old K1000...ima photographer by the got a good one!

Awesome! I might have to pick your brain! Im a total NEWB! I have to finish reading the manual!! And Step out of Auto a little more often!

JRiverMartin, A Point and Shoot is MUCH cheaper then a SLR!! And More portable. I still love my little kodak P & S!

Redsirenn, I just bought a used lense On EBAY. Waiting for it to arrive. I only have a Sigma 18-50mm atm.
I'll hit Olivier up for that.
Yeah. I shoot art nudes when I can get sessions in with the models. I work generally in B&W, as I love the play of light and shadow on skin and the way the curves and angles dance with the viewer's eye.

At this time, I have a basic digital camera with plans to upgrade to a model with a hot shoe (so I can use a swivel flash unit. I use clamp on light fixtures with CFL photo bulbs so I can set up lights most anywhere. I'd like to get some better fixtures, too (especially a softbox), though my clamp on fixtures work decently.

If we can get the secured forum for photos, I'll post some.
I like to shoot in black and white too. But with my kids I love colour too!
I shoot everything in color and convert it to B&W after the fact. That allows me to keep any color image where I find the color works better. That happens rarely, though I reallyreally like it when it happens--provides a bit of variety in my work.
The things I looked for within my budget:

--resolution: I needed at least 7 megapixels so that I could make large prints, even when cropping sections of the original image;
--lens: couldn't afford dSLR with separate lenses, so had to look for decent built-in lenses; optical zoom is the key element (digital zoom does NOT cut it) and went with 10x.

I regret not getting a model with a hot shoe, as built-in flashes just don't work well for what I do.

For my next camera, I'm requiring a hot shoe and at least 9 megapixels. If I can swing a dSLR, then I'll do that, otherwise I'm looking at 12x optical zoom on built-in lenses.
I had the replacement for the K1000, though I'm blanking on the model number. Nice machine. When I picked up my digital, I gave the Pentax and all my lenses to a friend who was in need of a new camera.
I shoot everything in color and convert it to B&W after the fact. That allows me to keep any color image where I find the color works better. That happens rarely, though I reallyreally like it when it happens--provides a bit of variety in my work.

Thats generally what I do too. I have a gorgeous shot Of my Daughter that i love in colour but as a B & w its stunning! Im a fairly ok VERY keen Photoshopper ( I actually use Paint shop pro X) So i love to be able to fiddle with things.
I lost my Photoshop when I upgraded computers and the change in OS. I used an older version for years and years. I changed from Mac OS 9.2 to OS X and that meant my Photoshop was no longer usable.

I've been sort of trying to find a replacement for it since, though I want freeware or shareware. I think GIMP will end up filling the bill--open source freeware. The couple of others I've tried just haven't done it for me.

So I do little processing, just what the Kodak software allows for. That's enough for most of what I want to do at this point, anyway.
My avatar is my photo...
This came from Yosemite. yay!


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Its gorgeous!
I used to drive a trash truck. Any place along the routes where there were spectacular flower beds or the like and the lighting were good, I'd stop and take pictures with my cell phone and send them to my wife--she got lots of flowers, along with butterflies and birds and whatever. Sadly, those pictures have disappeared over time. Even though they were low res, I'd love to be able to share many of them.
I stumbled across this thread while doing a search for something else. Just wanted to let folks know that I actually am a professional photographer in my real life. :D

So if anyone wants to talk photography or has any questions, I'd be happy to chat about photography here.
I'm a photographer, too. I can't believe I haven't posted on this thread until now. I have albums & albums of stuff, going back decades. I am also a filmmaker, and find that I think like a photographer when making a film.

Here's a recent one. It's an action shot, so the subject is just a little blurry, but I love the composition with the corner of the fence. I just used an ordinary inexpensive digital camera.


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Very nice sweetheart! I like the compostion too. I have a thing for spiders. My brother and his girlfriend are studying them for their PHD's.
Thanks! We always get a few garden spiders in our family garden every year. I've taught the kids that they are helpful, and that we like them to be there! This one had laid its egg sac and was heading out to the great field beyond the fence. I was lucky to catch it as it departed our lives, after seeing it every day since spring.
Call for photos

Hi Everyone!
I am developing a website dedicated to living sustainably. I need photos for said website - I am specifically looking for pictures of waste, recycling, low impact travelling, sustainable or alternative energy, local farming, etc.

Although I cannot pay you, you would get credit for the photos on the website.

If you feel like helping out, please PM me and we can figure out how to transfer pics.

Thanks a bunch!
I'm a nut and I'm a photographer... does that count to post on this thread? :D
I do mostly weddings, families... and well just whatever I feel inclined to shoot when it comes my way :p
I've started at the bottom and have worked my way up...often I still feel like a newb compared to my peers :eek: but I too will be more than willing to answer any photo/shooting questions as well :)
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well here's a little gem to share

taken on a 1.3mp Olympus quite a few years ago

no editing done at on the waterfall pic

where lucky to be able to have one of the best views in the world
our house view its wider but the camera does not do 260 drg'

so if you ever venture this way stop by for tea/coffee or a cold one:)

morning sunrise taken on a fishing trip on the wild west coast of BC


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