Poly Community and Dating in Alabama (Tuscaloosa/Northport/Birmingham and surrounding areas)


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I’ve been searching for a community of polyamorous individuals in Alabama for a couple of years now, and since I can find one that’s already established I would like to try to start bringing people together, starting here on this forum and eventually moving to meetups out on the town. (Pub crawls, escape rooms, game and trivia nights etc.)

If you’re local to any of these cities, or nearby enough that you can join in on the fun, please introduce yourself here and we’ll all work together to find ways to connect with each other and grow a community for our area!

I’m open to any ideas and looking forward to meeting!

J&A Savage

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Tuscaloosa area couple, open looking for friends or people to talk to, dating apps are kind of dismal right now. My partner has been trying to find people on fling and several other dating apps but she gets swarmed with single dudes or "couples" where only the guy talks and she can't talk to the partner. We are genuinely looking for a long term female partner with equal time spent with all. Right now I'd be happy to just have someone to talk to.
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We are a straight couple (57m39f) seeking a long term relationship trio with a good man 30-60. We are near Fayette, Al. Not far from Tuscaloosa and half that distance from Columbus, MS. We are a solid couple of 12+yrs and would love to have a man committed to just our small trio. It has proven difficult so far but with patients we will find our guy. He's out there we know he is. We just need to find each other..lol. Our relationship is loving, caring, and always evolving. Friendship, honesty, and good communication are our primary goals in meeting new guys. They have to click with us both. If the description above appeals to you please feel free to contact us via pm. Think long term. We are not a quick hookup couple. Thank you, Jeff n Tasha