Poly couple in SW Ohio looking for friends, more


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I'm a 32 year old straight male, my wife a 29 year old bi female. We're looking for other likeminded people to befriend and, if things go well, maybe more.

We're both snarky, funny, nerdy type people who feel completely out-of-our depth in the country, which is where we moved a couple of years ago to be closer to my job. I'm a big Dr Who fan, and also love me some giant robot anime; she's more into books and fanfic, but is a prolific Star Trek and Buffy fan as well. We're both a bit socially awkward (neither of us have a lot of experience dating people other than each other), and she's a lot more shy than I am, but we're looking to learn, grow, and experience stuff.

Ideally, we'd love to pick up another unicorn (our previous one left us to go to college and for fear that she would destroy our marriage) but I know those are a) rare, and b) no, even more rare than that, so we're not holding our breath. That said, we're pretty open to anything - dating a couple (if everybody gets along) or individuals (no problem being a hinge), single or married. Hopefully, someone that lives in the Cinci/Dayton/Columbus area so they're not too far away, as we're kind of... stuck here... and can visit, but can't relocate.

About Us - We're strictly drama-free people (between family and friends, we've got enough, thanks) who enjoy movies, tv, going out to eat, board games, and just hanging out. I work a tech support job (at night - third shift - for now) and she's a stay-at-home mom coping with our energetic chaotic two year old. We've been dating since we were young teenagers, so we missed out on a lot of social development that we're sort of hoping to catch up on through our mutual polyamory.

I'm 6'3", she's 6', and I won't lie, none of this "few extra pounds" stuff - we're fat. Not morbidly "have to cut the wall out of my house so you can carry me away with a forklift" obese, but not tiny either. She's due to get stomach surgery in September, and I'm currently on a new medication that has completely killed my appetite, so hopefully over the next few months both of us will be a lot less fat, but no promises. We're not BBW/BHM people (in case you couldn't tell) - I'm not trying to glorify it, just be honest and frank about it.

We're down with drinking and ambivilent about drugs, but no smokers please (she's alergic, I've lost too many people to cancer).


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You gotta love honest people :)