Poly-Dating: How to meet like-minded people


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As if it will not be hard enough for us to find a single female to join our relationship as an equal partner we are both adult performers (work in front of the camera in adult films).
Being new to the Poly lifestyle (or what we call the Poly mentality) we wanted to reach out and see if our type of work will be a huge disadvantage in finding that special girl or maybe seen as an open expression of our physical freedom?


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Welcome to the forums.

Honestly, I think it would be as much of an advantage or disadvantage if you were monogomous and looking for a partnet. Meaning that it depends on the person you find. Just because a person is open to one type of lifestyle or life choice doesn't mean they are open to all.

Good luck finding your Unicorn.


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I don't think it'll be a major hindrance. Most folks who are open to poly are likely open to all sorts of careers.

That said, the recent news reports of rampant HIV infection among porn actors will probably turn some away and make others very, very cautious. A rigorous testing schedule (which I think would be normal in your line of work) can lay to rest that sort of thing.


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I agree, but I think you all have a perspective I have yet to gain, so thank you for your response.
We are all tested every 30 days for HIV and several other STD's and as far as the HIV breakout AIM Healthcare (the main industry clinic) is suing over the false reports of multiple positive HIV cases, because in fact the most recent incident was a very isolated one involving one 42 year old performer who had only done a few scenes.
Sorry got off point....Umm, yes routine testing is good :)


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Good luck in your search... the right person is out there for you. Welcome!


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If there are any local groups, I haven't found them.


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I was wondering if you performed with multiple partners or just the two of you, as this may make a difference to some people. For me, I don't know that I could handle multiple partner on-camera sex. However, a couple who performs as a couple wouldn't hinder me at all. (But I am married so not a unicorn. :) )

If you do have multiple partners, or know other women in the industry, you may have already met someone open to what you desire in your own line of work. If she is already alright with the sexual aspect (which I found the most difficult and am still trying to get over), and has the ability to be emotionally poly, she may be right under your *ehem* noses. ;)

I like to think there's someone(s) out there for everyone. So welcome, and happy hunting.


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I think XYZ123 is on the right path. Your best bet may be in the industry itself since you will
probably be dealing with nonmonogamous partners. Otherwise, if you meet a single woman, you have several issues that have to be met. She has to be bisexual, attracted to you and your wife (I am assuming you are a married MF couple), be ok with you being in the sex industry and be open to polyamory.

To increase your odds, you could also consider married women who are into polyamory and would be open to dating you and your wife. Or just work on the "V" model where you or her look to date someone in a more one on one sense and see if it leads to a triad or threesomes.


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Thank you xyz, we perform with multiple partners and yes you would think we would find a girl in our industry but as it often goes if they are really open in one way they are not so much in another.
In this case they are open-minded sexually but not emotionally.
We are not giving up though :)


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What's the best way

What do you think would be the best way to find poly partner (other than this site obviously)

Finding someone already polyamorous


Getting someone interested in practicing poly with you


Can't wait to hear some answers and insite!


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OKC, etc.... do a search on here and you will find a thread on it....

there is also finding the local poly group too. At least you will find like minded people and it will open some doors too.