Poly Etiquette for nesting partners

My nesting partner and I have been ENM for over a year and I recently realized I am Poly. I am looking for advice and resources on ground rules etc to implement. There has been some unnecessary hard feelings and misunderstanding that I would like to avoid in the future. Thank you!:)
IMO, the best practice is to have as few rules as possible. Any rules you have should only have to do with what affects the two of you. For instance, rules about bringing partners into your shared space, safe sex,etc. Avoid rules about how partners interact with other partners.
Hello DreamyMoonSmasher,

You might find the book, "Eight Things I Wish I'd Known about Polyamory (before I tried it and frakked it up)," by Cunning Minx, helpful. It could give you ideas on what ground rules you might want to implement. Other than that, my advice to you is to schedule a regular time to communicate with your nesting partner, perhaps once a week, at least once a month. Communication is so important in polyamory, you need to always check your assumptions with each other, and keep on the same page with respect to needs, wants, and expectations within the relationship. I also strongly encourage you to visit this thread often, and add new posts updating us on your situation as it evolves. What we'll advise, and what rules (or boundaries) we'll suggest, will depend greatly on the details of your unique situation. One size won't fit all. But what's been posted so far gives you a good start. Good luck, and I hope you'll enjoy your time spent on this forum!

Kevin T.