Poly.fm has been rebuilt


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Hi all -

A while back I started a thread to help gather feedback for poly.fm - a site aimed to become a sort of niche social network for poly folks. Lots of progress was had and tons of feedback from forum members made its way into the service. As cool as it was becoming, my own inexperience led to the software becoming bloated, tough to maintain, tough to scale, and tough to use. It lost its steam and I eventually pulled the plug.

Fast forward more than a year, and it's been rebuilt from the ground up. I've taken the time to build it (and it's engine - www.huddle.fm) myself instead of depending on another developer to handle core development. I hope you like it.

So far, this is what's supported:

  • Posts
  • Events
  • Real-time notifications
  • Self-moderation via flagging / votes
  • Tagging
  • Profiles - visible only to logged in users unless manually set otherwise
  • Chat - public + private
  • Geographic relevance in Posts
  • Mobile-friendliness in most areas of the site
  • Following Users

There's still work to be done - especially around events and mobile-friendliness - but it's at a point where it's usable and should provide you with some value. As long as it's ok with the community and its moderators, I'd like to use this thread to keep you all updated as things develop, and to capture any feedback that you have. The goal is to become a go-to online poly hub for people that want to chat, discuss, or connect with other poly folks.

So, the site is located at www.poly.fm. Feel free to click around and let me know what you think :)