Poly-friendly Churches


We love our church. We talk about many things. I have been known to argue for “the other side” in an effort to legitimately establish supporting scripture for the arguments. “Cuz the Bible says so” is not acceptable. However, with my polyness, I must be underground. I will still argue about it but from the pretense for clearity. Only one thing will keep me from the Kingdom, denial of Christ. Sometimes our churches need to be reminded of this.
I find that when it comes to church that polyamory is generally considered a social deformity or mental illness, but there is hope and I have tried to, with the best of my abilities, to explain this on [link removed by moderator]. I personally, don't really think that there is too much of a problem with polyamory. It is just a matter of communication and polyamory may actually help reduce unnecessary racial and gender discrimination if introduced properly.
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