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We are a married couple who are interested in Poly as a lifestyle. Initially we might like to be not full-on in terms of 'coming out' though being seen in public with a partner would not be an issue. The F of the couple has already dated over the lifetime of the relationship and marriage and M is fine with this though he is monogamous.

I (M) started a Scotland, UK Poly group on here to see if we might get some conversation going on here on a slightly more local level.

I (M) am also interested in Poly and I live in Scotland, currently Tayside area.

New to the scene, and so far I've had no luck finding any poly groups or clubs and very few poly people, so it's nice to see some like-minded folk.
I too reside in Scotland!
Really, are there no poly groups in Glasgow or Edinburgh, even? That surprises me.
Hello! I also hail from Scotland at present. It's nice to stumble upon other people interested in poly who can say the same, as I've also drawn a complete blank in trying to find any meetup groups here. If no one knows of any already in existence, would people be interested in starting one or organising a munch etc? It has to start somewhere, after all!

I just came across this thread while trying to find (not for the first time!) any events or meet ups in Scotland to do with polyamory. I tried to register with the scots-poly yahoo group a few weeks ago, but it expired because of no activity. I'm so pleased to have found these recent posts. I'm also up for starting some kind of meet up/discussion/whatever we want it to be. I live in Edinburgh, but up for travelling.

Meetup.com is quite good for organising things, not sure how it allows you to communicate though. Sharing email address by private messaging and starting a d.i.y list might also work!

Hi - What a relief to find this thread.. If a group has been set up, could I please have details too? I'd be interested in discussion/possible meet-ups North of the border..
Hello, I would also be interested in learning more and meeting people in the area. I'm also living in Edinburgh. Any information on meetup groups, etc. is very welcome. Thank you!

Reading the M and F thing is confusing :)
You should insert Jane and Joe for fun! :)
There's a bit more than you might think going on in Scotland, it just doesn't broadcast under the poly name.

Maybe things will change as the poly "label" gets known.
There's a bit more than you might think going on in Scotland, it just doesn't broadcast under the poly name.

Maybe things will change as the poly "label" gets known.

Are there any groups or contacts you know of that you'd be willing to share with people here? Just seems like there a few people around who are at a bit of a loss for poly-friendly social groups.
Poly group in Scotland

Would love to know more about a poly group in Scotland
ultemay teaching

I would also love to know more about any Poly group in Scotland!

Surprised at how few and far between they seem to be :(
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Yes there don't seem to be many. I did hear of some people who were trying to organise a pub meet up through in Glasgow but nothing in Edinburgh :(
Empty scotland for Kinky and Poly

Hi I'm from Edinburgh and yes for polly there's not a lot of things in Edinburgh or Glasgow can be great to create something for the two towns