Poly in Scotland

Hi, we are a married couple living in Edinburgh and would like to add a third person to our relationship. We are hoping to meet a bi/bi-curious female that is interested in dating a couple.

We would like someone of a similar age to us (M38/F32) and a non-smoker.

Simon and Dawn.
Edinburgh Group


I know these posts were last from 2012 and early 2013 but I'd love to hear from anyone interested in poly in the Edinburgh/ Borders region. I moved away for a little while but am moving back and would love to be involved with a group.

I'm interested in socials and in meeting new friends and possible partners. I am in a long term and committed poly relationship.

Hey Rosy,

I'm still reading whatever is put up here, still hoping to get an active group going in the long term. I live in Dundee, but the post above you is from a couple from Edinburgh so maybe you could try sending them a message. Welcome to the group anyway.

Thanks Leo.

I'm wondering about trying to get a group together through OkCupid as it seems to have many poly minded people.. do you know if this has been attempted already?

I'm not aware of anyone trying that but it sounds like a good idea! Personally not on OKC yet, but planning to be soon. I'm sure there would be some interested people from here and the Scotland group.
Hi all just everybody just see all your messages. That sound good to me to, so we can build that together so do you guys move to Edinburgh ?

For myself I stay in Edinburgh


Yes, we moved away for work commitments but are headed back for my Uni commitments. Been a hectic year with many cardboard boxes involved! We haven't got a date set yet as lots to arrange.

If any of you make OkC profiles and know of anyone else who may be interested let me know through private messages and perhaps we could get to know each other a little better.

Hi - We are in Edinburgh and are still interested in finding someone - a group would be good if we could get one going - We moved back to Edinburgh in Feb' - it's a great city and we love being back here.

Looking forward to your arrival Rosy.
Hello Se and D and Rosy. We are Simon and Eve, from Glasgow. We are a poly couple, albeit a one-sided one in that Eve dates and I don't. I am not sure what it is called technically…lol…but it works for us. It would be good to chat with and hopefully meet people who we might be able to have this, as well as hopefully other things in common.

Hi - I think that between Edinburgh and Glasgow we should have enough people for a small get together - It's good to see people posting - we should try to keep this forum active so we know that we're all still out here. If you are reading this forum and interested in socials to meet like minded folks (and make new friends) then say 'hi' -
Poly meetup in Glasgow or Edinburgh?

Hi, Im 28 and living in Glasgow. Id be interested to hear about any poly meet-ups/events/discussions taking place in Glasgow or Edinburgh. I can't really believe there is nothing out there (?!), but it does seem really hard to find.

Does anyone here, have any good news to share?

Hi, I'm 29 (although its odd to say that!)...Mostly had sex with men all of my life with the few exceptions of couples and single females. I'd like to meet peeps from Glasgow who are interested in a bi male. I'm 5'11", good looking and progressive;)

Quite happy to set up a meet if I get enough interest...contact me for more info.

Its about time Scotland had a scene...
I'm still here, reading the stuff posted. Not sure who's around or up for a meetup though. There definitely needs to be a Poly scene, agreed. Unfortunately I'm personally not really available for a good while.
I'm from Scotland, I'm not poly however. I'm just trying to understand more about it. Sorry if thats of little to no use.

I (M) am also interested in Poly and I live in Scotland, currently Tayside area.

New to the scene, and so far I've had no luck finding any poly groups or clubs and very few poly people, so it's nice to see some like-minded folk.

I'm in Dundee, and have found it very hard to meet people who can even wrap their heads around poly things, never mind any actual poly people.
Edinburgh poly meet

Hi everyone,
Just wanted to let folk know (if they don't already) that the Edinburgh poly meet group finally has an online presence. It's been going for about two years, just gaining momentum via word of mouth, but we took the collective decision of late to try to be a bit more visible, whilst still maintaining some privacy. The group meets once a month, and if you are interested in finding out where and when, drop the admins a line at this website: http://www.polyamory.scot
I've been going for a while now and everyone is very friendly and cool. There is an open Facebook page (which you'll find in the link above), but if you come along you'll find there's also a secret page which you can ask to be added to if you are not out/want to keep in touch with others who are not out. Anyway, the website is still somewhat of a work in progress, but I just wanted to alert people to the fact it exists at all! Maybe see some of you there some time. :)
Greetings from Scotland

Hi single genuine guy in Tayside area ,looking to meet new people for friendship and possibly more .New on here but not completely new to the lifestyle
Hi, Im 28 and living in Glasgow. Id be interested to hear about any poly meet-ups/events/discussions taking place in Glasgow or Edinburgh. I can't really believe there is nothing out there (?!), but it does seem really hard to find.

Does anyone here, have any good news to share?

Hey, I'm from Glasgow to. I've not been able to find anything for any poly-related things in the area or close by. Have you been able to find one?
EDIT: Wow, I didn't realise your original post was over a year ago. Probably too late now xD