Poly in Scotland


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Hi there,
I'm new here and am looking to meet like minded people. I've been poly since November last year, and living in a small town makes it hard to meet people.

I've been with my Primary for 13years, and have a Secondary partner, and a lover. Before November, I had only ever been with my primary, my lover was the 2nd person I'd ever been with.

I'd like to talk and make friends. So, if anyone is interested in chatting please message me.

Hi Cassie,

I am James 55 yrs guy also living in a small town in Scotland. I have been in a Poly relationship for 9 years. I only discovered this site and all of the language a few days ago so I am still getting used to the lingo lol...
I have been married for a long time and also have a relationship with another woman for the last 9 years. I am also looking for friends and someone to chat with. It is a relief to be able to talk openly about things instead of bottling everything up inside.

Have a great day

James :)

I'm in North America and new to this site also but interested in chatting to learn more and network. Who knows maybe one day we'll make it over.
Also in Scotland, middle-aged, married and just getting to grips with the realisation that I may be poly. Doing a lot of reading and listening to podcasts and trying to figure out where this is going to take me.
Hi Cassie

I guess Im in a Poly relationship, where the missus cuckolds me, now and again. Easy to do in Aberdeen. I guess she has had over 20 liaisons where she has actually had sex.
The jealousy and excitement and knotted stomach when she is away is unbearable at times,

Followed by the massive relief when she returns, me doing my duties as she gives me relief, that is then followed by an immense feeling of love and closeness.

Then wondering if what we are doing is right,

Then after a wee while it all starts again.

Obviously we have had over 20 different experiences, and they have been either good, or comical, so i suppose we have had no bad experiences. I guess thats down to us being very open and honest, which allows me to keep the wife safe. I have a few kinks, and the wife has admitted she likes the excitement of the chase and unknown, as well as a large cock. Im decent sized myself, but even a little etra raises the excitement levels. Dont really know what to say apart from Hi and if its consensual, open and honest, then why not.