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New member
Yesterday, the first Norwegian polyamory NGO was officially formed! PolyNorge i Norwegian, PolyNorway in English, is the name of the new NGO. The national broadcasting channell, NRK, has published a radio interview, a news article and a cronicke, and the NGO has gained quite some press even before gaining official members. The new NGO plan to influence public debate, work towards attracting members and changing the laws of the country. A similar NGO, Polyforeningen, exist in neighbouring Sweeden.

The new leader says in a public statement: PolyNorway - PolyNorge - is now founded. Saturday the 17th of September marks the start of a new era in the public debate in Norway. Norway's first non-governmental organisation for poly people was founded. We finally come forward, after many years in hiding.

On the founding meeting, a temporary board was selected. The NGO board consists of three women and one man - some with vast experience in the poly community in Norway, some quite new. Common for all of them is a deep commitment towards the cause. The board members are in their 20s, 30s and 50s, from the two largest cities, Oslo and Bergen.

It used to be difficult for press and academia to get in touch with people who identify as poly. We wish to make a change in this regard. We will work actively towards becoming an open and approachable organisation, and we encourace people in the media to contact us.

PolyNorge - PolyNorway - will contribute towards a society where plural relationships are aqeknowleged and respected the same as monogamous relationships. PolyNorway advocate every person's right to live in ther relationship structure of choice, as long as these are based on informed concent and equality. It is our belief that all types of romantic and sexual relationships between concenting and equal persons are equally valuable.

PolyNorway see in our future a more open and inclusive society. We wish to speak against the established normes of relationships and old ideas of love as being of limited supply. We are ready to stand up for what we belive in. We welcome questions and want the subject of ethical alternatives to the monogamous norm to become a part of the public debate in Norway.