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I'm a little surprised there isn't a thread about this already.

Has anyone seen the new Showtime series "Polyamory: Married and Dating"? I've seen all seven episodes and actually had a chance to talk with the creator of the show.

I've made a point of viewing every piece of media produced on the subject of polyamory and I think I've seen most everything there is. From that standpoint, its an interesting show, definitely worth a look. It shows some great moments with the groups working out problems and the dynamics the show follows are very interesting.

That said, I would not characterize the show as a prime example of a good representation of the community. The show is very, VERY focused on sex. The intro is 99% sexual in nature and the show itself has numerous shots of the groups having sex. Its fairly graphic, I am nowhere a prude but even I found the amount of sex the show displays to be edging on excessive. I think it gives a bit of support to the criticism that we often have leveled at us; that polyamory is a cover for nymphomania and promiscuous behavior.

My critique has to be taken with the understanding that Married and Dating is a TV show and as such has to push the envelope in order to get and keep viewers. The poly people the show follows seem to be a good mix of individuals and the show doesn't try to shove the participants into "roles," taking their worst attributes and making them the only visible aspect of that person. They actually seem like real people.

All in all, its a decent show and it looks at a lot of important aspects of how a poly relationship functions on a day-to-day basis.

Has anyone else seen it?


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I just saw the ENTIRE FREAKING FORUM SUBSECTION devoted to stuff like this with a thread on this very topic right at the top of the page....I have got to stop posting instead of sleeping.

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