Poly TV Show Coming on NBC


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Polyamory Dramedy Produced By Adam Shankman In Works At NBC

In Love, Sex And Neighbors, when a fresh-faced, traditional-values couple moves to Orange County [CA], they discover that the parents at their kids’ school are experimenting with polyamory. The one-hour dramedy, written/executive produced by [Gail] Gilchriest, follows four families at the forefront of a quiet revolution in the way everyday people live and love.

Not much more info than that...


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Well, at worst, it'll get polyamory more out in the public spotlight. No such thing as bad publicity, as they say.

Hmmm, did I give off an air of skepticism? Sorry about that, hopefully the show will turn out to be way cool.


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Sprite and I discussed it and we are both skeptical as well. It's on one of the big three, for one. It sounds like these are most likely newbies so it will be lots of drama. Most likely soapish, like Dallas.

On the plus side it will open the door to even better shows. Plus, if it is truly awful, it will be fun to trash...


What I already don't like is that polyamory -- or I should probably say "polyamory" -- is the central focus of the overall story arc, & every little niggly detail of REAL LIFE is sorta carelessly dangled from that. I figure it's going to be one of those "damned with faint praise" shows rather than the next Modern Family or even (ugh...) Desperate Housewives.

Go through the descriptions of Love, Sex, & Neighbors you'll see, & replace "polyamory" with "homosexuality." Anticipate the reception & whether it'd be canned before shooting was complete.

How about "miscegenation"? (Look it up.)

Or, heck, "cocaine.":rolleyes:

The most intelligent handling of nonmonogamy I've seen recently has been the Fitz/Olivia/Jake triangle in Scandal. The men are very matter-of-fact about their devotion to Olivia & don't get into any sort of posturing at each other. (It helps that they're both strongly Wolf personality types.) It'd be nice if Olivia would stop being such a whiner, & maybe "settled" for staying with BOTH guys from moment to moment, but I guess there's only so much to be expected from evening soaps...