Polyamory in Shanghai


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I am an expat living in Shanghai. Polyamory is new to me and my wife. I hope I can get into contact with other people here in Shanghai who would be willing to share their experience with us.
I would like to hear from other expats or locals.



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Hi timsSH,
I am also here in SH looking for more about any local Poly scene or people..
This is also relatively new to us. Have you found anything interesting going on here?


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Hello to both of you.

I've also recently moved to ShangHai, and would love to have a bigger poly friendly community.

I've met some nice poly people on OkCupid, and my in-my-life-everyday life partner will move here in a couple of months. My other loves have said they will visit and perhaps move if they love it.

I've lived in other cities where our poly community was literally hundreds of people - and the comfort, support, and opportunities to meet like minded people was fantastic. I hope to find or create something similar in ShangHai.

Looking forward to hearing from you both. Perhaps we could meet in the next month or 2?