Polyamory in the News, March 2016


In this month's Poly in the News: On TV, poly becomes a thing in House of Cards, You Me Her, and the Wash Post muses on a poly option for The Batchelor. Elle spotlights a stunning poly marriage. Yahoo News: "Is the Family of the Future Polyamorous?" Much more. One-click roundup:



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Thanks, Alan, for your work in reporting on these things each month. It sounds like poly is getting more attention on major TV shows these days. That's promising.

I loved the Dan Savage piece! Helen Fisher's "just-trust-me-I'm-a-professional" remarks cried out for Dan's reply.


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The Open Relationship and Poly concepts in House of Cards are part of what sparked a conversation about it in my own relationship.

I've never said this about a TV show before, but I feel like it kind of "opened the floodgates" for me, as it were.