Polyamory Legal Challenges


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Seems a nice start albeit a bit US centered.

I would like to add that marriage law usually prohibit any international moves based on matrimony. You face the other challenges as other international relationships but you don't have the option of moving through marriage (perhaps family reunion visa if you have a joint child).


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Unfortunately US centric is an ongoing issue. I just don't have the time or ability to do hours of research for each blog post. Most of the time i can at least keep it Anglo-centric b/c most topics it's pretty easy to Google how things are done in Canada or Great Britain or Australia. The rest of the world is a bit harder. I've got a good half-dozen contacts around the world who have offered to vet future books for US-centrism, but the blog posts I'm on my own.

Thanks for the info re: marriage and international relationships. I figured on addressing immigration and international-travel related stuff later in the series, I will definitely work this in!


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Here are some info on Norway, in English:


On international relationships I might add that although I can not get a fiance/marrige visa for my boyfriend, I had no problems securing a "visitor visa for girlfriend/boyfriend" for him, even though I also clearly stated in the form that I am married and he is unmarried. Perhaps they think I am in a divorce process, but it seems that they legally see having a romantic relationship is something not related to marriage which gives a leeway for plural relationships.


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Sounds like a good series Jessica.