Polyamory online meetup possible?


Hi there! I think the forum is great, but I was wondering if you'd ever consider, or if you have already had, get-togethers via distance for this site?

For instance, I went to a couple of live discussions at Loving more via meetup. I was wondering if they do that here?
We haven't, but if you want to organise one feel free to advertise it on the meetings and events board. You may want to withhold login information (e.g. zoom meeting room number and password) and send out via DM only, that way you will ensure you have registered members only.
Hmmm. I guess the question would be before I looked into it, would anyone be interested in a monthly round table?
Probably a case of "if you build it, they will come" - I would, so long as it suits my time zone. But then, I'm in the most unusual time zone.
Hi Emmjay,

I have had bad luck with chat rooms in the past, so I would hesitate to participate in a zoom-type meetup if I didn't completely trust the other participants. Although I suppose I'm not saying no, I could probably be talked into at least trying it. It would partly depend on if the time it was scheduled was reasonably compatible with what I could do (e.g. whether it interfered with dinnertime for me). Aside that, it seems like I could set aside an hour once a month. I guess let me know (either by post or by private message) what the zoom link would be if you decide to go forward with this.

Kevin T.
Totally social. It would be nice to talk to people, even at a distance. I just need to create a meetup, which really doesn't look that difficult. The time factor is going to be a challenge, though. But if you aren't comfortable with video, you can just use audio. I'm not the one that usually starts these shindigs so this will be different.....chewing nails. I'll see if I can get something nailed down this weekend.
I'm curious what the purpose of the round table would be? I would be interested if I it were simply to meet like minded couples.
probably wouldn't be a bunch of like minded "couples" - people, yes, but many of us here use this space to talk AWAY from our relationships. My partners wouldn't join in and I doubt I'm alone in that.
For anyone interested, there is a discussion tonight on meetup through Loving more. It might be an added option, beyond a round table? Just letting you know. 7pm mountain time. I'm sorry should have thought about it earlier and the discussion events are ongoing.
I'm not sure whether I'll be able to make it this time; I might. Can you give me a web address I can click on?

I'm sorry for the short notice on the discussions! I think it's a good link to share, but I noticed we had more people last night, and it got a little confusing. I also noticed people leave.

I thought I could create a meetup, but that seems pointless since they redirected us to Microsoft teams, anyway. These discussions emphasize sharing and learning, not so much BSing. I just need to figure out the best program to use. I think it will be fine if the numbers are fewer.
As it turned out, 7:00 p.m. doesn't work for me anyway, at least it didn't last night. I'm more a midafternoon type, and even then there are days when the roomba runs which would create distracting noise. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are more ideal, Wednesday is the best. Sorry to act so picky, if there's another day/time you want to try I will see if I can be there.
I'd be interested in something like this. I agree that large groups are probably not really conducive to any valuable chit chat. A small group of friends of mine used to get together for gaming and just the difference between having 4 of us an 5 of us made a huge change in our ability to communicate.

Remote contact can be a little cumbersome, but if it can be worked out I think there is a lot of value to be had there.

I'm on the west coast, PST.