Polyandry TV Show on TLC


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Sharing for visibility. TLC is airing a new reality series (yeah, I know, define 'reality') which covers polyandry.
Here is the trailer https://www.tvinsider.com/1076063/seeking-brother-husband-tlc-trailer-video/

At the :36 and :40 marks really hit home for me. I might watch and see how cringe worthy it is. Also, I used to follow one of the ladies on social media, so will be interesting to see how things worked out for her.

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is it bad that just the name of this show turns me off? I'm also not a fan of reality tv tho. thanks for sharing; it is cool that stuff like this is being put out there. here's to hoping it doesn't encourage an even worse stigma against polyandry/polyamory lol
It's good that there's going to be something out there about polyandry -- as there's already a good bit about polygyny. I guess the next step would be a show about group marriage (both multiple men and multiple women).

I'm indifferent to the name of the show, I assume they're just trying to create a matching set with "Seeking Sister Wife."
Group marriage, no matter the gender configuration, is a rare form of poly. I wish there were more media representations of the most common type of poly - a loose network of individual (1:1) relationships.