Polyandry - what do you think?


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Hey Guys, what is the general feeling here about polyandry in general? And even more than that, the idea of a woman having more than one boyfriend or a husband and a boyfriend? Do you think this is becoming more accepted in our society? Or is it something that is still taboo and "out there"? If you'd like to answer please say your gender and thoughts. It would be interesting to hear if men and women have different feelings about this. Thanks!


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Im f. Based on what i read here, polyamory is the more appropriate term than polyandry, as there is no gender bias with the word. I believe many women here are into this relationship configuration. I used to have bf before while in an ltr to another man.

But i guess polyandry, like being legally married to multiple men, is not allowed in many societies/nations. Even in one's neighborhood or town, mainstream people are more unforgiving to women in multiple relationship, than with men in the same situation. For me, people in this configuration should exercise a lot of discretion.
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Indeed, the terminology is a bit misleading. I guess you meant MFM relationships in general, not the special kind of polyandry (married to many men).

I can't say that this has been the sole problem when someone was coping badly with the news that I have a husband and a boyfriend but especially for the older ones it was some kind of 'claiming the male role' in this relationship constellation. Those who were OK with our relationship haven't had any problems with the fact that it was a woman having more than one man by her side. Therefore I guess that if you have a problem with the relationship you will likely cling to 'old fashioned' ideas more easily, because that's usually where your general problem lies in this case :)


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I haven't done a survey, but I'd hazard to say that there's approximately an equal number of cases of men with multiple female partners as there are women with multiple male partners on this board. And, of course, there are other other combinations, like a woman with both and a male and a female partner (like me!) or a man with both a male and a female partner (seems to be less common), or all-same-sex situations. Within the poly community at least, there doesn't seem to be any prejudice in this regard. Women with multiple partners actually may be more common, since women seem to often have an easier time dating and making connections overall.

As for what society thinks, society isn't on board with poly in any configuration. Definitely still taboo and out there. Whether you're male or female, a person with multiple partners may be seen as cheating, or unhealthy, or selfish. Men *might* have it easier, as they're less likely to be labeled as "sluts"?


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I consider myself polyandrous (poly female+straight = polyandrous in my book), so I guess that's my thought on that :p