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I felt a re-introduction was in order since I'm an "us" now... just got married! Also, my life is a lot less rollercoastery, so I'm not left wondering if I'm going to live my life mono or poly anymore.

I considered myself polyflexible. Although I leaned heavily poly, I always seemed to fall for monogamous girls. My wife was also monogamous, knowing before we got married that I preferred polyamory but was willing to be monogamous for her. Well, a week before the wedding she decided she wanted us to have a polyamorous relationship, without any convincing on my part. She naturally started experiencing feelings for others without wanting to sacrifice what she already had, so she gets it now. She even thought it'd be fun to hang out with any future girlfriends of mine, haha! So, she just started dating her best friend. She also likes a guy from work, but he thinks it's immoral to be with a married woman, even though we've both assured him that we're both okay with it... and he obviously likes her.

Another interesting thing: last year I became acquainted with my biological father. Turns out he's also polyamorous. Leaves me wondering if a tendency toward non-monogamy is influenced by genetics.

I work in a very conservative environment, so I'm not likely to find poly-friendly people naturally. I'm hesitant to use any major dating sites (like the okcupid account I had) since I'm don't want to get any grief if any of our super-conservative family members were to hear about it (I may have even posted too much here already). So, I'll be trying to find some local groups and meet-ups here in San Antonio.


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Greetings necrodefy,
Welcome back and congrats!

If you need help finding some local groups and meetups let me know; I have links. But likely, just googling "Texas polyamory" and "San Antonio polyamory" will give you some hits.

It's great to hear from you again.
Kevin T., "official greeter" :)


There's a *lot* of good info in Golden Nuggets. Have a look!

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Welcome aboard!