READ THIS BEFORE POSTING: How to Write an Introduction

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This board is for intros. Lately, we've had to move some posts from here because they went beyond introductions and into the realm of personals--which belong on a different board. So, here is a brief intro to writing an intro:

Tell us about YOU and YOUR situation.

Seriously, that's what this board is for. A bit about you and your situation--single, married, otherwise involved, a mono relationship that isn't working for one or more involved, an open relationship, a poly tangle of epic proportion, whatever it is. We need information about you.

Once you step past that and begin talking about looking for this or that and inviting people to contact you, you've wandered into a personals listing and the post will get moved to the appropriate board.

Why does it make a difference? First, we have board for personals to keep them under control. This is really not a meat market and we're not going to let it start looking seedy so people mistake it for one. That means personal ads stay segregated in designated areas. Second, there are folks here who aren't interested in meeting new people and sticking a personals ad in where it doesn't belong is rude to them, plus it can keep them from reading this board to avoid the ads--which reduces the number of people welcoming new members.

So, please, spend your intro talking about yourself and not who you'd like to find.
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