Rochester, NY Polyamory Munches


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The Good Folks at Rochester, NY Polyamory would like to invite you to join us for our monthly dinner meeting, which have occurred the second Monday of every month since 2005 or so.

We rotate location around the city of Rochester, NY, generally near to highways or other reasonably easy to find venues, and the upcoming 2010 dates as of this posting are:

Jan. 11 - Webster -ish
Feb. 8 - Greece -ish
Mar. 8 - Henrietta -ish
Apr. 12 - Webster -ish
May 10 - Greece -ish
June 14 - Henrietta -ish
(... you get the idea... continue 2nd Mondays ad infinitum)

Random movie nights and BBQs are by member's hosting/initiation.

Please note: This is an open meet-n-greet meeting, and you can RSVP to myself (the organizer), join our yahoo group where we coordinate meetings, or simply come as the guest of another member. We welcome all respectfully interested folks (including the "just curious" or "poly-involved" monos)...

Our yahoo group is located at:

We hope to see you there...

Founder, RochNYPoly
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Hi Wolfe. Do you get many who come to the munches from outside Rochester? I don't live there but it might not be impossible to get there. Probably in warmer weather.



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Yes, ALL are welcome by distance, orientation, gender, arrangement, and home planet!

Yes, absolutely... We have had people come from as far away as Albany, Buffalo, and Binghampton... Since we have people coming from all over, it's possible that someone can help give you a ride if distance is an issue.

ALL are welcome in our group, regardless of "poly experience" / stage of poly / arrangement of poly / "actually mono but hoping to support/understand our insane mates"... So, you're welcome whether you're single, love one partner, love two men, two women, 15 of random genders, 17 of specific genders, whatever... :) Variety is what makes our group interesting, in my opinion!

Since I've also been asked about "combos with poly"... Yes, "poly with..." Wicca/kink/Ds/Nudism/*occasional* swinging are all fine as well (we have several members who share each of those interests, although those won't be the focus of the group's meetings).

Demographically, I believe ages range from legal to 50s, and I think we have slightly more female members than male for some reason last time I counted... but still close to balanced.

Hope see some new faces as well as some familiar ones this Monday... :)

Hi Wolfe. Do you get many who come to the munches from outside Rochester? I don't live there but it might not be impossible to get there. Probably in warmer weather.



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Cool! If there were members going from where we're located, it might not be a bad idea to tag along. I'm glad it's as open-minded and full of variety as you say. Sounds awesome :D

It won't be as early as this Monday when we'll be coming but soon I think.



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Do you guys ever have these get-togethers on a weekend? My husband and I would love to come, but we live almost two hours away, and there's no way we could do anything on a weekday.


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Where do I get info on where u will be meeting & time??We would like to come out for your June meeting.We are looking forward to it!!:)


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New and Need Help!

New to the group but in poly for a while. Would like to meet new people and attend events.

CAN ANY ONE HELP ME? I just signed and this thing will not let me look at the calendar.


Of RocJohn


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new on here

hey my name is stephany and my husband and i are new to the poly life style... was wondering how this all works.