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So, is there a way I can download my blogs to save them? I realized I've written things about my life over many years here and if the site has any problems, I risk losing them. How do I save them? Suggestions very welcome!

(I'm not especially tech savvy but can do basic stuff.)

Also I apologize if this is covered somewhere. I did look around and didn't see an obvious answer.
Hi Opalescent,
The only way I've found to save threads is to go to Thread Tools > Show Printable Version, and then save those print views as PDFs. If you don't have Adobe, there are a few free programs that you can create PDFs with (I have NovaPDF and PDFLite). They usually come up in your printer options, so you click print and the PDF-making program shows up as a virtual printer you can send the document to. Then you just choose a location where the PDF is saved on your hard drive.

There's no way to download them as text or delimited files into Excel or anything like that, as far as I can tell.

The print version won't show an entire thread if it's very long, so you'll have to save separate PDFs for each page (Blog Page 1, Blog Page 2, and so on). So, it's a good idea to go to your User CP and set the default page view to 40 posts per page.

Hope that helps!
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Saving my

Thanks for posting this Night This shall be extremley helpful to alot of users = Ive noticed alot of people asking questions about saving problems and such.