Saying Hello

Hey everyone, I'm a 26M on the east coast of the United States. After a long term monogamous relationship ended in my SO cheating on me... I ended up researching non-monogamy/polyamory and it helped me cope, even though I don't consider cheating to be NM/poly. I didn't know about it before and the learning process helped me overcome jealousy.

I made an extremely long post that is waiting to be moderated (my first post). I was only able to post the first half of the story in it because there is a 10k character limit that I was 2300 characters above. I planned on posting the second half of the story as a reply... But I am awaiting moderation so it might be difficult to read.

I have only been looking at this site today. Been reading about NM/poly on reddit for the last week. I'm not entirely sure how I would place myself within it yet. Just thought I'd say hi. :cool:
Hello ShpaceEchsplorer,
Welcome to our forum.

I think it's generally agreed that poly and cheating are two different things, but I know some people believe there is some crossover, so it depends who you ask. I'm of course glad that studying NM/poly has helped you cope with the difficult times you've been through. may also be helpful. Perhaps you'll decide polyamory is a thing for you, who knows.

I read your long post plus its continuation (so it must have passed the moderation), and left a reply on that thread. I hope you and your SO can get things worked out.

Glad to have you aboard.
Kevin T.
Hello and welcome!

I read your long post and the continuation... hugs to you, you are in a rough spot in your life.

Just something about the semantics: cheating can be considered non-monogamy, since a cheater does have several intimate relationships at the same time, and feelings can be involved. However, cheating is definitely not ethical non-monogamy like polyamory is.

Hope your life will have a change for the better! Educating yourself about poly might really help, at least to get your own thoughts into order again.