Seem to Have Done OK So Far...


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Hello all, this is ThatGirlInGray's husband. I'm the hetero, mono arm of the "V" she talks about in her intro. She covered a lot of ground concerning our relationship, so I'll just cover a few things from my side and personal bits.

I've known about polyamory for quite a while, and was rather surprised when Gray lit up about it recently. I knew we weren't technically poly, since the open relationship so far had resulted in a few friends with benefits and some kissing in bars (which shouldn't even count). I've had a few, brief, minor dalliances, but would consider myself a flexible mono rather than a poly, since I've never felt more than friendship with those outside my marriage.

So hello out there. I see there are a few other monos around, I was a little afraid I'd be a curiosity :). I tend to be in the background more, but I'll try to participate here and there.


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I'm so glad you're here. Looking forward to your participation.

[Also, the three of you are quite delightful, I think I relate.]