Setting up a small community for like-minded.


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We are looking to set up a small community for like minded people in Cyprus.

We have an open relationship and believe it should be possible to have a more stable set-up avoiding browsing the Internet finding people for short-term relationships. We also believe it is possible to love other people besides your own partner, we both have big hearts and always invited other loving people into our lives.

We are financially stable (retired at young age) and can kick-off the project, but only will start doing so when we find people who are seriously interested. Interested meaning that you would have to take a trip to Cyprus and meet with us, we have space where we are now in a lovely area near the best beaches around.

We are looking for a place where we all can be free yet still can all have our own space. We are naturists and like nothing better, the weather is amazing here and winters are very short.

For those interested in participating; you would only need a small amount of income monthly, covering basics such as food and utilities plus a small fee for running the place.

He is 43 and bi-sexual, she is fully accepting but we would like a more stable setting with the same partner(s). She is 38 and likes different/ multiple partners male/ female, very loving and open-minded. We are both very cuddly types, love people for who they are and will always make sure everyone is comfortable, we like to look after people because that is what we do best.

We are both very sporty and spend many hours swimming, so we will look for a location not far from the beach. We have good bodies, slim, and eat healthy, age wise we are looking for people between 30-50 with good healthy lifestyles so we are all compatible. Growing our own vegetables would be an advantage and this will be in the plan, we are vegetarians but we do eat fish (so cheap here). The idea is to always cook together like one big family enjoying our times together but also working in the garden, maintenance, all needs doing.

Sexually we are easygoing, men can join, females can join, couples, as long as you are open-minded. Sharing each others partners (one on one), more persons involved at the same time, it is all possible as far as we are concerned but as long as there is respect, one other bi-sexual man we would need though to make it work ;-)

Depending on the replies we receive, we will look for the kind of place we need, a farm would be good so we have some land. We think we the maximum should be around 6/7 people maybe less during start-up.

This is just a rough outline of our ideas, we are no experts in this but it is pretty much around the basic idea we have. We would love to hear from people who have similar ideas, any kind of advice is welcomed, but of course we would love to hear from like-minded who would like to go for this!

Best of wishes,

C&S, Cyprus.
Wow, I can see you have put alot of thought into this! Really love your post and all your ideas. The idea of getting out of the rat race is quite appealing to me at the moment, as I have just been out of work for over 6 weeks, skint and suffering, although I have just landed a perm job in Bristol as Web Developer where I live so that is good. I was thinking while I had so much time on my hands that I would just love to have the time to do what I really want to do which is practice my ashtanga yoga and teach, and play my indian music, I sing and play sarod and teach (, currently focussing on my yoga though as I don't have time to keep a day job, yoga and music going).

Financially it could work for me as I can monetise my skills and work remotely in Cyprus to a certain extent with the Web work, although I would prefer to just do the yoga and music, it might be possible to teach classes to tourists and perform in local cafes and restaurants etc.

Family wise it could work out for us if we get on as I am 48, bi and dating men and women, she is 58, and has never been interested in any relationship other than with me, we've been together nearly 20 years now, I opened up our relationship for last 3 years and she is okay with that, she would love to get the sun as she is not a well person, suffering with Chrons Disease, hasn't worked for over 20 years, sun would be good for her and she always keeps herself busy around the house, helping friends and old people, gardening, shopping thriftily, we also have a 16 year old daughter.

It is a dream but could become reality, a friend of mine has lived communally, he may have some advice. I also like naturism.
This is something my husband and myself would definatly be interested in, IF, our children were older and not dependant on us.
I hope it works out beautifully for you, and in a few years (about 15 lol), maybe we'll see about joining you,

Em's xoxo