Single straight guy in San Antonio, TX


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I'm a cute, scruffy, thin, white, 24 year old straight male. I recently became single after my first attempt at a poly relationship failed :-/ On top of that, I'll be leaving for school at University of North Texas for fall 2014, so I don't want to fall in love just to have to move away. But I hate being single, and I'm addicted to affection and intimacy. I have a high sex drive, but I'm such a hopeless romantic that an emotional connection and intimacy outweigh my need for sex. Also, I don't know any like-minded poly people here.

So there are several things I'm looking for:

1. Poly individuals or couples/groups who want to exchange numbers and text about thoughts, theories, etc. and if you're local eventually meet up for coffee or something, likely become friends (I'm awaiting moderator approval for the local online poly group)

2. A female individual or of a couple in/near San Antonio who might consider me as a secondary or tertiary partner. I may not be looking for love, but I'm still longing for friendship, affection, and intimacy (and sex, but not necessary).

3. If you JUST want a friends with benefits, I'd be willing to come to an arrangement IF we become actual friends. I can't stand completely impersonal and detached sex.

4. If you're in the Dallas/Denton, TX area and you are intrigued by me, maybe we could start talking, and if we hit it off then we could meet when I move there. I would be ready for a primary relationship again once I move.

(For 2, 3, & 4) Personal attraction is a big deal for me, so mutual attraction between us is a must. Since I'm thin/fit, I prefer a woman of close to or similar physique. Cute women age 18-45 (and yes, I have experience being with woman at both ends of that age range).

This is already getting quite long, so I won't go in depth with a self summary. Please message me or comment if you'd like to know more about me! :)

PS - I'm still new at this and these forums. If I've said something wrong or posted this in the wrong area please let me know so I'll know better in the future.