Spam killing


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Some of you may have noticed that I take some delight in sending rude messages to spammers when booting them from the site. It's tedious zapping spammers, yet I get some satisfaction from it.

I just zapped 144 spam threads and the spammers who posted them.

Your reports help us find more of the posts that the filters don't catch, as you provide us with many more eyeballs, and we are thankful for that. It makes it easier on me, as I can only poke into so many threads when I'm on here. The filters catch the bulk of it, and you help us root out the rest. Thanks for that.


OK, I will report every spam that i see. So far, I have only been doing it when one shows up in a thread I've been reading, not so much when the spammer starts a new thread.


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I play 'smite the spam' to see how many I can send a report on before I go to work.

Yeah. My life's a little dull right now...


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I will make one request though when you're reporting spam. It's helpful if you only report one spam post by a given user. When nuking spam we wipe out all their messages, so the other 19 reports aren't really needed, and we can get through them quicker.

Thanks again for everyone's help in keeping things tidy around here...spam or otherwise.


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Yes, thanks for the spam alerts. I wrote that on here somewhere the other day, but this is a better place to say that. :) thanks for all the members do to keep this place running smoothly.