Suggestions for a Poly Resource Library


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Hey folks, I haven't been around much lately (life stuff went crazy), but I'm starting a new project and hoping folks here can help me out.

I write Polyamory on Purpose, a blog about the practical side of poly life. I'm finally ready to start putting together a resource library on the website. My goal is to have a large collection of poly friendly resources covering legal, medical, child rearing, organizational and more. If anyone knows of any good poly-friendly resources that should be included, please let me know!

(Please no "how to do poly" resources or stuff specific to relationship problems like jealousy. Other folks have done a very good job gathering those resources already.)


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Hi Jessica,

We found this book to be extremely useful:

It's very couple-centric, but really gets you thinking about how to set up things like medical power of attorney, etc. if you're not married. Things like division of property in community property states are covered as well. Interesting stuff.


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Ah. I see what you mean.