Texas Couple Looking for Our Perfect Woman Who Wants Something More Than One Night

He’s quiet but funny, easy going, kind & thoughtful. 6’2, athletic, blonde with blue eyes, deep voice. Sincerely the best human I’ve ever met. So far anyways but I’ve had a long time to get to know him. All of my friends ask if he has a brother & I just feel like the luckiest person.

As for me, people say that I’m “sunshine”, bubbly with an infectious laugh, deeply intuitive, considerate & nurturing. Creative. A hugger, very affectionate (but so is he). 5’1, curvy, tan skin, long black hair, almond shaped brown eyes. Focused on self-improvement always, need peace & harmony in my life & those I love never seem to want to leave the space I’m in. I must be doing something right.

We’re 44 & 40 but we’re told we look unusually young. We both love road-trips, travel, good food, a good laugh. Love reading, movies, our family & being together. We are not party people but we do enjoy getting to make new friends. Quality over quantity we say & friends last a lifetime for us. Growing up he was a good student & played sports, she was in the arts, loved to write & moved around quite a bit.

So what kind of person are we looking for? We are looking for a bisexual or pansexual woman/women, preferably between the ages of 28-40 who is/are trustworthy, kind, warm, down to earth. We can be open to someone slightly younger or slightly older. We are drawn to feminine women, long hair, has curves, someone who loves herself & it shows. If you want babies in the future, we can get behind that. We grew up in large families ourselves. Bc of our lifestyle, someone who has joint custody wouldn’t work for us as flexibility in where you’ll live & work is a must. She would want to be a part of something real, she wants to be happy & experience genuine love that seems to be so hard to find in the world today. We don’t want drama, jealousy, chaos. We would want you to experience the amazing life we’ve enjoyed for many years now. If you have a profession that you’re passionate about, that’s a huge bonus. Again, this is all about love, happiness, a family in addition to lust, passion & adventure. Flexibility to live anywhere would be great as we have plans to see the world at this point in our lives.

By the way, we will read every reply we get & have no plans to have long drawn out correspondence. If we are interested, we will all prove that we are who we are & not waste each other’s time.

Anyways, we are looking forward to hearing from you.
Hey Livingincandy,

I used to live in the DFW area until moving here to Cali. Actually I was a lot closer to Fort Worth. I go back home a lot and plan on moving back but I won't be moving back for a few months. Maybe we should chat? Who knows what might happen. I might be a little under your posted age and you might be a little over mine......but we could see.