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Just have to celebrate with an empowering song...

I’ve been looking out for number one
I’ve been stepping out with my friends
I don’t have to justify what I have done
I don’t have to answer to anyone
I put my body on the line
Take a step out of my mind
Life takes on a different veiw – without you
I feel energized like I was young
I have not felt this way since we began
I re-evaluate my future plan
Time to free myself from your command
Theres no need to compromise
I’ll do what ever I decide
no one else to spoil the view - without you
I don’t care if I ever touch the sun
I don’t care if the whole thing comes undone
Everyday to me is a surprise
I don’t care if it leads to my demise
No restrictions now I’m free
No black clouds hanging over me
I think I like this view – without you
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She's gone, you're safe, and your new happier life is around the corner. :D
*SUPER HAPPY DANCE* hehe woohoo!!

Although I am a bit sad as all my animals went with her. I miss them.
*Dances around like a mad woman*

We can have a happy dance party! Congrats! You're just one step closer!

(BTW, who is that song by?)
I've been following your story. congratulations, it's not long now till you are at home with your loves and the kids!
Thanks everyone!

Yep assets, in two weeks I'll be flying there night now. I'm not sure any of us could wait any longer. I'm just about going crazy missing them and needing to be there with them!
Countdown!!!! Woohooo!