The good stuff: What's great about being solo and poly?


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Hi, folks

I feel like on I've been focusing a lot on the challenges faced by non-primary partners and poly/open people who are solo (that is, they either don't have, aren't seeking, or don't live with a primary partner of their own).

But hell, it's the holidays -- so let's break out the cheer! There are plenty of perks and advantages to the solo poly life. This is a great way to live, and personally I wouldn't trade it.

So I wrote a two-part post explaining my own subjective experience about what's great about being solo and poly:

Part 1, focusing on the perks of being solo/single (currently unpartnered):

Part 2, focusing on the poly perks (and specifically solo poly):

But of course, that's just my take. What's yours? I'd love to hear what other solo poly people love about being solo poly. How does this enhance your life and your relationships?

Please comment here, or on my posts, or privately message me. Feel free to pass this along to the solo poly people you know.

Enjoy your holidays!
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