The Polly Roller Coaster

Yes of course it can be done but your problem is that you are expecting that it be done straight away and will all be plain sailing from there on in. IT IS A PROCESS!!

You did a good thing by sharing your feelings with your husband and then somehow had them invalidated by "ignoring" the conversation. I am confused by that one. Communication is vital, you can't afford to ignore conversations and either can he.

Examine your fears and insecurities (the monster that rises). Do you fear him ending up loving her more than you and leaving, or are you envious of their intimacy and connectedness? If it is the latter then, as I've said before you both need to work on regaining that. Listen to what the monster is saying, monsters should not be ignored either.
I hate monsters! They're scary! *shudder* Great...Now I won't be able to sleep with out the lights on! Thanks a lot! LOL
So after the morning monster of yesterday, "C" and I ended up talking and talking, first on phone, then she came over and we talked and talked and talked. I was the one who actually said at one point, "We have already talked about that ad nauseum and I am not going there again." :p Ah progress!

It was pretty funny, because we had lots of laughs in the process and she wanted me to help her with some 'bikini line' stuff, and I did with the "No Touch" technique. Again, another proud moment for me!! :)

We ended up going to get our nails done and having a great time, and I felt so attached and secure....until the ride home when she mentioned again that she wanted a 'Date Night' with hubby ONLY. I said that we had talked about this before and I had asked for a little patience. Please just be patient. It will come but it can't happen this weekend. She was pissed, "I hate having limitations placed on me." She came at me a bit and again, I said, "Could we just ignore that last 5 minutes and get back to where we were?" Begrudgingly, she managed to (miraculous recover!) as we pulled into the driveway.

We had a quick bite of dinner and the three of us hit the bedroom for some incredibly good frolicking! It still confuses me a bit because we all are so incredibly compatible in the bedroom and she is INTO me a lot there. So...I will just roll with it and enjoy all the good pieces and try to push through the bad ones. When I feel nice and secure like this, it seems the monster is not even in the picture....of course. Let's hope it stays that way!

Thanks for any other words of wisdom!
Just a quick update, in case others out there are experiencing some of the same insane NRE!! It truly is crazy!

Friday night was incredible! The 3 of us went out for a night in the big city. I am not sure if it was the great communication that we had had for the two days preceding it, or what....BUT I was soooo good with it! I was sooo comfortable 'letting' (not sure if that is the right word??) the two of them 'date each other' for the night. I hung back and watched and totally dug it!

Don't get me wrong. C paid me some kindness too....a few touches here and there, a steamy hot restroom stall kiss, and some beautiful smiles and laughs along the way, but I just seemed that I was good with it all, and the monster TRULY was no where to be seen!

We made it home and continued the frolicking into the early hours of the morn!

Soooo happy today....yet I look back to a few days ago (trying NOT to!) and wonder why or how I was so wigged out by it all. Hormones? lol.

I suggested to them both that they go for a motorbike ride together and enjoy some alone time, while I go to the Toy Store! ;) <yay!>

Does anyone have any insight into this? Could it all be just from communication? Or is it the fact, that I have some attention again!?

Who knows? I will take it's beautiful!! :p
Well, since this is the 'Roller Coaster' comes the down......CRASH!

As mentioned, Friday was outstanding, and Saturday day was great. C and hubby hung out a bit and had a nice time!

I arrived home with dinner, and unbenounced to me, C left to get home herself, and told me that we needed to be at her place within the hour to go to this party that she had booked us in to...with our agreement, of course.

So, rush rush rush. No dinner for me. Actually no food since breakfast - I SHOULD KNOW better I know!! And we picked her up.

The party was great with a live band and lots of ppl...outside. It should have been fun....but the monster was starting to surface!!! Aaaaaah!

Seriously, I had no idea where it came from, but it was bad and I wanted to leave. Of course, I wanted to leave with my hubby. Everyone was on eggshells. C wouldn't come near me. Hubby was sticking close by, arm around me.

Anyhow, needless to say....a big implosion followed by a day of no talk to/from the hubby. C and I made up the next day, but then she stopped talking to me on Monday, because he was afraid to Skype with her.

Ack...we have talked it out again. I feel like a douchebag and have apologized profusely, and tried to loosen my grip...still trying!! They are both begging me to do so...OR to end it. Frick. Tough tough work!

She is coming over for dinner tonight. Hopefully, we can all be cool.

I booked ANOTHER counseling appt, in hopes that someone can help with this 'control' thing (apparently) that I have going on.

I know I have asked before....but someone must have some sort of 'technique' that I could try to 'de-sensitize' to the situation or ????

Make friends with your monster. Give him or her a name and ask her what she is trying to tell you. Get some solitude when she surfaces and write down what she's telling you. Then work on what she says with the other parties concerned. You can't make them feel differently about you or each other but there are needs of yours that are not being met and they need to be aired.

I think your monster is trying to tell you that you are forcing yourself to accept a situation that is very difficult without the appropriate self care. The amount others care for us is usually a reflection of how well we care for ourselves.

Don't expect things be be right overnight. Aim for a less aggressive monster each time but this will only come about if you start acknowledging the issues and working them through. The monster is a result of the problems, not the problem herself.

They won't love you anymore if you force yourself to be really really good and not make a fuss about what's going on. You will just create a really ugly monster.
Thanks Sage, you seem really good with this stuff! Lots of practice?? ;)

What I want is to relax. I know - logically - that we are ALL good with each other, but it seems that logic has little room at times! Which is odd, since I am very logic based (programmer).

I bought 100 bucks worth of snacks hopefully, the monster doesn't rise with a low blood sugar only!! ;)

They keep asking me, 'what is in it for me?' I just really love being tight with the both of them. It's so fucked up. Or maybe not....who knows.

Anyhow, I am working on my self...which by the way is a pretty secure self 90% of the time...but that 10% down almosts kicks my own ass to the curb!!

Thanks again...
Anyhow, I am working on my self...which by the way is a pretty secure self 90% of the time...but that 10% down almosts kicks my own ass to the curb!!

Thanks again...

That's actually a pretty good split of up and down IMO. I was almost 50/50 for the better part of a year and it almost drove me crazy.

I finally needed a visual way to understand this new cycle of ups and down and collect my thoughts. Ups and downs come in all relationships but this was the first time I had experienced anything like this roller coaster. Getting to know the monster and your metamour more is the key.

I know I have asked before....but someone must have some sort of 'technique' that I could try to 'de-sensitize' to the situation or ????

I have no suggestions for de-sensitivation techniques that don't involve copious use of vibrators. But maybe some of this will help:

You two have only been sexually involved with C for about 2 months, right? And this is your first poly experience during a 20+ year monogamous marriage?

This is a HUGE CHANGE. You are going through hugely fluxating emotions as a result.

And the relationship itself is in flux. It has progressed (over 6 months) from a close friendship between you and C, to a fabulously sexual persistent threesome, to all of that PLUS a loving relationship between C and your husband, and you feeling left out.

It seems to me there is a lot of pressure on you to be ok with this, RIGHT NOW. Pressure from C, from your husband, and maybe most of all, from yourself.

It might help to just try to accept that you can't predict your whipsawing emotions right now. And to accept that you may not be able to give effective answers to questions like, "What's ok today? What's gonna be ok next week?"

You're expecting an awful lot from yourself to process this many big changes so quickly, in my opinion.

Anotherbo :)
loving ur post


Just wantes to say real quick I love ur post Because I have a somewhat similar situation with a few differences. J and I are the women in dh's life. We are all sexually active. J has becomes my best friend. We love each other but she and dh have a whole different kind of love. Much like ur dh and C. My blog is Blog of the Mono Wife under life and stories. So u have to read to get the picture. Its been a crazy ride. A painful ride. But we haven't given up yet and I know my dh loves me more than words can express But that doesn't keep me from quite often feeling like I am going loose him. We have gone thru the break ups And I have seen them both hurt to the point where I have had to find my own corner and cry. It hasn't even been a year and so much has happened for the better although at times I though I would die from the pain. Now I can't let J go anymore than I can dh and that means watching them and knowing they love each other and sometimes feelinf left out sometimes even when it isn't fair to think like that. I love them both and wont let either go. I hope I made sense in all that. both of your replies, anotherbo and ak. Thank you!! :)

I guess part of this whole thing is learning to accept yourself as you are. I find myself chanting to myself - in between my my newfound breathing techniques ;) - "I am okay", "in fact, I am pretty damn good". ;) Part of the beauty amid this chaos is that somewhere I am (or will emerge) stronger and better and maybe, even more complete. That is my hope anyhow.

The confusion in the chaos must somehow be embraced, along with the love and the hate that radiates at times. It is a ride....and nothin is dull and boring! Ek!
Gosh, unicorn situations seem to a neophyte to be ideal. One lovely sexy partner for both the established couple to share? Awesome.

However, n reality, she is not your mindless playtoy. She's a full human being, just like the 2 of you. Her feelings for your h won't match her feelings for you. Do we all love our platonic friends, and brothers and sisters, children, cousins, in just the same way? No. Of course not. Each person is unique and so is each relationship.

My ex-h and I tried this arrangement back 10+ yrs ago and it was a disaster. The woman acted like she'd be into us both, but soon enough, she and my h were "soulmates" and she wasnt interested in sex with me. In fact, she had huge trust issues around women in general, stemming from sexual abuse as a child. He wanted to move her right in and have 2 wives. Um. No!

So... I'd say you 3 are ahead of the curve here. She likes/loves both of you, is sexually interested in both of you.

One term not mentioned yet here is compersion. It's a useful place to come to, being happy when your partner is happy. Like, if he was out w platonic friends, you'd be glad he was out having fun, and glad for a break to pursue your own interests, or see other friends. Likewise here, when he's with the woman, you're still his wife, his lover, and he will come back to you.

My lovers just seem to add to my relationship w my current serious gf. I come back with new experiences to relate. It makes me a fuller, more actualized, more interesting person, to her.

I had some jealousy when she had a lover for a while, but it was mostly related to boundaries we had to establish. (She slept over his place on their first date, w/o telling me beforehand or that night. That really sucked.) Once we talked out things like that, I felt fine with her seeing others, having lustful or caring feelings for them. When I met her guy, I was amazed at how jealous I didnt feel!
Do we all love our platonic friends, and brothers and sisters, children, cousins, in just the same way? No. Of course not. Each person is unique and so is each relationship.

It is such an interesting thought, that there are so MANY types of Love,yet only one word to capture them all!!

I have been doing so much reflection lately on this word, and this feeling and have come to understand the "NRE" as a more complete word. My dog, the LUST, the WANT, the DESIRE, the NEWNESS and of course the deep attachment are still so strong! We managed to break out of the pattern of weekend overkill this weekend....thankfully, relatives were in town, so while Friday night was a wonderful night, Saturday turned into just dinner at our place, and her going home for the night. NOT that anyone really wanted this, but it was GOOD! A little space and time is good! It is something that I have always struggled with finding, yet as I move into mid-life (aaaah!!), I really really must find it more!!

Sunday (today) may be a different story as the rellies are now gone and tomorrow is a holiday! Kinda exciting just writing this!!!! :cool:

Thanks again for all the kind thought and is coming along nicely (for now!).
I like your analogy of a rollercoaster....However, after riding a few more rollercoasters....and then going through this weekend....I would liken OUR that of a blender. There is the time when you put the drink mix into the blender....and it all LOOKS good going in.....I am the red, my wife is the blue....we are layered on on top of the other.....S is then yellow, and D would Ok, anyway....They are also layered....on top of L and myself....Then comes the ice.....and then the top......we are all beginning to mix and meld together....Then someone pushes the button to "ice crusher".

This crushes my heart........

Then they hit the stop button.....Which STOPS my heart and lets me look around and assess the damage. Since it's not ALL that bad, I decide to keep going on....I mean, we are all still kinda layered.

Then someone pushes the puree button. :rolleyes: This totally ruins my heart. And mixes me up even worse than I ever was before.We are totally mixed up and meshed together.

But we get a rest.....While someone takes note of how pretty and nice we all look together, and decides to hit the button again. UGGH! I'm beginning to feel sick now.

So the powers that be, hit the button again and I'm sick of it all and want out of the blender.

Some people get into the blender, and make a margarita....Others, like myself, get into it and make....the most disgusting mixed concoction you could ever dream of. :(