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Hey, I just joined this forum to seek out some advice. I am a late 20s man who's been in a polyamorous relationship with two men for the last 3 years, they were together for 7 years before I came into the picture. We have no remaining issues around jealousy or trust (it takes a while and a lot of communication to get there). In it's simplest form, here is my problem:

I love both of them very much and feel very strongly about each of them. However, in the last year, I have been feeling physically disconnected from one of my partners. I'm a psych student and the closest thing I've come up with so far is that I am experiencing a type of sexual aversion disorder specific to one partner but not the other. There's a lot more to this problem which I can elaborate on but everyday I am riddled with frustration and anxiety about this because I really love this relationship and both men however, if this can't be resolved I will have no choice but to leave. This is very specific but if there's anyone who has gone through this please help me out

Note: Please do not respond if the message is suggesting that I am just not into one of them as this problem has only emerged recently. Also, I am in lov e with both of them. This post is about saving the relationship, not leaving it

Thanks a lot!
Well have you talked specifically with this partner about this issue, is it one sided or does he feel the same and have different feelings about being sexual with you lately?

Has anything new happened in the relationship? Moves, new job, new partners, bad habit of him starting to really get on your nerves? Is something in their sexual interactions affecting you negatively? If you cant identify when it started or what it is, I'd suggest going to a counselor because

"if this can't be resolved I will have no choice but to leave." sounds like a very serious problem is going on. Lots of people have lower desires or disinterest in sex with a partner for (even extended) times but don't jump to the "I must leave" solution when most things in the relationship are good unless every avenue has been explored.
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With the limited information you have given, it's difficult to offer advice. How is your relationship functioning with the partner you feel disconnected from? I understand that you care for him, but how would you describe spending time with him right now? Do you enjoy talking to him? Are you happy to see him when he comes home? Do you enjoy being affectionate with him if it's not sexual? If these answers are nos, and you don't know why, it may be that you need to put some conscious effort into reconnecting on more than one level.

Sometimes it's ok to have sex with a partner not because you're dying to do it, but because you want to reconnect and get back into the habit of doing so. Take things slowly and relax into it. Focus on how you want to make your partner feel out of your love for them. Don't pressure yourself to feel or create fireworks, just decide that you want to resume your sex life and take steps to do so, even if it's not on the top of the list of things you'd like to do at that moment.


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Thanks for the responses, I agree I should not jump to the conclusion that I need to leave the relationship.

To add more details, I'm doing graduate work in another country. I've been going back and forth for about 2 years now. We use skype to see each other and work everyday. It somedays feels as though we maintain all the elements of a relationship without the sex (all the work non of the play) so when I am finally on leave or on camera I just don't feel sexual.

With the partner I am having the disconnection with I raised this issue with him a year ago and he's been very patient, he's not feeling a disconnect towards me.

When I have difficulty performing with him I just find my mind shifts to concern about whether or not I'll be able to perform, why can't I do so etc...and I just get so anxious I now avoid even talking about sex. Whereas the other partner does not illicit this response.

This is especially challenging because my time overseas is about to end and I will be coming home for good soon and I am extremely happy yet really nervous about what will happen.

Hope this has given more info clearly, thanks everyone


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Well you're right to be concerned because when you're talking triads, the "weakest link" can often set the tone for entire triadic relationship. Been there, done that. Fortunately though it's pretty clear you love both your partners and both love you. So fortunately it's only a sexual link that's got problems, not a love or romance one. Therefore talking about it as something that could ruin the whole thing and make you leave is definitely over the top---so I would relax on that point.

You've talked to him and he's patient. That's a good sign!
At this point what you really need to do is get to the root of this problem. I would highly recommend at this point finding a gay-friendly and poly-friendly sex therapist. It may take a professional knowledge to figure out exactly why this is happening. (And this advice is coming from someone who normally shies away from jumping to therapy as the cure for much....I've never cared for it that much myself.)

Keep the waves of communication open and talk to both your partners about your feelings, wants, etc and be sure to keep your emotional connection strong, even if there are bumps in the road on the physical connection. Hopefully with some work and maybe some professional help, it can be figured out and fixed!

We're rooting for ya!



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What's this "sexual aversion?" Where is it coming from? Did he hurt your feelings?

Are you burnt out from school and trying to keep this relationship going long distance?

Where did your lust and desire go?

OTOH, men and their "performance..." Unless you're a Top and must wield that tool, can't you use your hands and mouth? Do you 3 get it on all together? Don't you get hard for/with the other partner?

I don't do 3ways much with my 2 partners, but when we do, we are all aroused in a big jumble. (I am a cis gendered female, my gf is a pre-op transwoman and our bf is cis gendered male. They both get hard from all the kissing and touching and so on when we're all getting it on.)

Hopefully things will get better when you're back home and things can flow and be fun and romantic and hot in 3D real time! Maybe you don't need therapy just yet, just to relax and have some fun reconnecting. Camming and trying to show off for the camera can seem artificial perhaps if that's all you've had lately.


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Hey, first of thanks so much for the responses, I'll answer them in the order they came in

To RfromRMC
I am very much in love with both of my partners and I've received a lot of support from them both before and during my time away from home. In regards to the therapy session. I've been going to individual therapy for a few years for other issues and recently started talking about this to my counsellor.

When I am home, the three of us actually see a counsellor together (she was their counsellor before I came into the picture, and we all go to discuss communication, balance, jealousy etc..) We are planning on seeing a sex therapist together when i am back which I am really looking forward to.

I've got my own ideas over why this is happening, but I can't seem to think my way out of this situation. IT causes me a lot of frustration and guilt on a regular basis, espeically because my partners are both very attracted to me and not had difficulties in connecting physically.

To Magdylin:

Sexual aversion disorder is a condition where a person feels anxiety or stress around sexual intimacy. It can either be global, so you can't connect physically with anyone, or specific, with your partner(s). In my case, it is specific to one of my partners.

I identify as a cis gendered male as do my two partners and we connect both together and one on one when the other person is not around. I am verse so I have definitely transitioned into more of the bottom role (which is fine). but the challenge is that I sometimes will not be hard at all even though the sex is gratifying I am preoocupied with the feelings of anxiety around it.

I definitely agree with you about the relaxing and focusing on connect, but my problem is that I can't get out of this routine or whatever it is...I've tried to snap myself out of it lots of times but it doesn't work. We totally used to cam in my first year away, but in the last little while I've become to nervous to even get naked on cam in case I can't get hard.
I was diagnosed with depression right before I left home in August, and I've veered away from medications for the time being, so I have challenges in just letting myself 'be' if you know what I mean

This has been happening for a while and my partners have been really patient. I think we don't communicate as much as we could on this issue because I am worried about 'incepting' them with my performance anxiety, and they are worried about making me feel on the spot.

I hope the therapist will be able to help us out and I'm doing my own solo work to figure things as well

If anyone has been in a similar situation, with any configuration of poly, and you moved through this period, please let me know how that worked for you and what you did.

Thanks for the support!!


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The only thing that I can think to add, is a gentle reminder to NOT try to be your own therapist. One of the benefits of therapy, in my opinion, is reflecting your thoughts off of an "uninvolved" or " objective" observer - which you are NOT. (Isn't there an ancient cliche about being your own lawyer? Healthcare workers being the worst patients? etc.)

By thinking that you should be able to "think your way" out of the problem, in my way of thinking, you are adding another layer of complication to every interaction - as you are both the "observer" and the "observed" thereby negating your ability to be fully present as either. (This is not to say, in any way, that introspection and self-reflection are not useful! But...these are internal processes.)



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Agree with Jane. I'm glad y'all are seeing counselors and I wish luck with the sex therapist too.

The good news is there is a LOT of silver lining to your cloud. I highly recommend focusing on the good things going on as much as you can---it should lessen the anxiety you're feeling about this issue.
The silver linings I'm referring to is one, the loving/emotional aspect of your relationship seems intact. Everyone sounds very much happy and in love with each other. And two, you're still able to do sex with this partner at least somewhat. Like you said, you can still be a bottom role (and I would think he appreciates that as well as any foreplay/oral/etc than you do). Concentrate on the good there---you and him can still have a good sex life to a degree.

Give this time and try to remain positive.



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Have you seen a medical doctor to check things out, like blood pressure, testosterone levels, etc? Stop stressing about the "performance issues". Accept that things may not always function the way you want them too and/or when you want them to for now and make adjustments to enjoy the moment anyway (happens to me quite frequently). If you break your leg, you don't just sit in bed all day, you grab the crutches and figure out how to function until the broken parts heal and are strong again, you adapt to the situation. Eventually things can heal, but it takes time. Stressing about it is likely making it worse and compounding your depression.


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My ex and I were in long distance situations a couple of times in our relationship. We saw each other every 4 to 6 months or so. So when we were physically together, I assumed that we would have sex. What I found for me was that expecting sex to happen just killed my desire and made me actually averse to sex. It stopped being spontaneous (hard to impossible when long distance) and more importantly, stopped being joyful and felt more like an obligation. Nothing kills a boner faster than feeling like 'I have to', or 'I should' or 'My partner will be disappointed if I don't'. Now, my ex did not put this expection on me - this was stuff in my head.

Perhaps something similar is going on for you? If so, talk to your partners about it - I did not handle my situation well at all in terms of communicating about it and that really negatively impacted our sex life.


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Not to sound rude but this why medical personal should not self Diagnose themselves. It leads to all kind of problems and it is hard to step outside the problem and see what is really happening. Go seek outside help for the problem and you might see that there is a real simple solution to your problem and be able to resolve it. It is most likely a multi-year aversion thing that all couples go through every so often. Some call it the 5 year itch or something like that.


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Hey I haven't checked with a doctor, but the way to differentiate between a biological vs psychological cause of this is whether or not someone is hard in the morning. I have no issues with that so it's likely psychological.

I hadn't thought of it in terms of an injury, when it is something in your head, it often feels more permanent and personal than a leg thing but I agree. I've now returned home and I'm seeing them tonight, I'll work on balancing my tension and just trying to relax more.


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Hey I haven't checked with a doctor, but the way to differentiate between a biological vs psychological cause of this is whether or not someone is hard in the morning. I have no issues with that so it's likely psychological.

That, and the fact that you're only feeling it towards one person... physiology is not partner-selective; it either works or it doesn't. If it works, but only with some people, then it's psychological. That's not to say psychology can't affect biology... but not in terms of blood flow problems, or other purely physiological medical issues.

Something that no one has mentioned is that it's perfectly acceptable to have a romantic relationship without a sexual component. There are people who are completely asexual, people who go through asexual phases throughout their life (me), people who fall in love with an opposite-sex partner only to later realize they're homosexual, people who marry a size 6 who lazily grows into a size 16 when they're only sexually attracted to petites... In all of those cases, you can have a perfectly healthy, enjoyable, fulfilling relationship, all without sex.

Clearly, you want this to be a sexual relationship, so I'm not suggesting you simply give up. But perhaps realizing that it doesn't need to be a sexual relationship can help take the pressure off...


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To opalescent

I am definitely experiencing that pressure sensation and I'm sorry that things didn't work out with your ex. It is exactly as you wrote that, i wasn't being pressured but I was creating the pressure in my mind. I've definitely communicated it to my partners and when I'm not in the mood I let them know.

I've been home for 3 days now and we haven't had penetrative sex but we've just played with each other and climaxed several times. I am working on quieting down the doubts and worries in the moment. what has helped a lot from being on this forum is hearing from people that this is not horrible abnormal and that it can be helped.

To schrodinger

That is a great point, the romance and connection between us has never been an issue, for me, the most difficult part of this experience has been the guilt of making my partners feel unattractive and also doubting myself. When this began happening a year ago, I was worried I had fallen out of love with my partners and that I would need to break up with them. But after some reflection, and a lot of honest communication, this is where I want to be for a very long time, I just have other issues to work through as well as strengthen my relationship.

To setx

Thanks for the advice, i hadn't thought of it being related to the duration of the relationship. At 3 years, this is the longest I have every been in any configuration of relationship, also 2 of those years were while I was on and off overseas.