Toronto Asian MFcouple new to poly, looking for more


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Greetings xiaobao10869,
Welcome to our forum. Please feel free to lurk, browse, etc.

I'm pretty sure we have some Asians here and no small number of Asian-friendly people (the latter category of which I consider myself a part, though I can't claim to be well-versed in Asian culture). If you keep reading and posting here and there I think you will soon find more friends, and who knows, maybe that special MF couple you spoke of.

I can provide some links to finding poly-friendly people in your area if you're interested. But as far as online company is concerned, is a great spot with a lot of like-minded individuals to get to know. Keep on reading and posting, it'll get you there!

Kevin T., "official greeter" :)


There's a *lot* of good info in Golden Nuggets. Have a look!

Please read through the guidelines if you haven't already.

Note: You needn't read every reply to your posts, especially if someone posts in a disagreeable way. Given the size and scope of the site it's hard not to run into the occasional disagreeable person. Please contact the mods if you do (or if you see any spam), and you can block the person if you want.

If you have any questions about the board itself, please private-message a mod and they'll do their best to help.

Welcome aboard!