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I don't go to meet ups, but wanted to say hi from another expat in London. "Hi!" :)


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Hope to come back

Hi All,

I am a Italian bi guy that live in uk for 4 years (Soton).

I now live in switzerland with my gf, hope to find some nice people here to meet in case I'll be back in uk.




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It's nice to meet you all from sunny UK 😁...hope each of you are well iam allways happy to chat ive a sentive ear so will allways be here if you need to talk about anything! Nicecto meet you all. 😀☝👍😁


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Manchester reporting in! Good to meet you all. I'm currently in a mono-poly relationship with a lovely lady (together 3 months) and studying a masters degree in psychology.


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I just found this thread and thought I would post.

I am 'Jemka' 40 . Currently live in north east of england but trying to move to the Brighton-ish area. I have one male partner and a son.

I currently have 3 dogs too. Love craft such as knit, crochet, cross stitch, quilting, jewellery making, glass engraving,

I am often told i am a bit bonkers, which I agree with.

I am bisexual, in my first poly relationship. Divorced once and the second divorce is currrntly going through the motions.

I am also wiccan and since meeting my currrent partner have found the spiritual side to love and life.

I would love to make some poly friends, like minded people to chat to etc.


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Hello All,

My Wife and I are based in Cardiff these days although we are initially from Southern England.

We are curious to learn how people who are in Poly relationships are generally finding people react in the UK?

We are not in anyway concerned bout how people feel about it and I have spoken to one friend at my work place, who while he thought it wasn't for him, he understood why my bi-sexual wife and I would like to have a girlfriend.

We have not spoken to any family about it however because we know we will get a lot of questions and I suppose we don't really feel confident in answering all of them at the moment.


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We are curious to learn how people who are in Poly relationships are generally finding people react in the UK? .

Husband and I are just starting out which means it all feels new and exciting and we can end up talking about it too enthusiastically with friends. They generally start out a little taken aback, come round to saying they understand it in theory but couldn’t do it themselves. We do need to be careful though because we live in a small town and are both pretty well known in the community. So, as much as I don’t care what others think, we do need to protect our family/jobs etc.

Husband has discussed with his Mum as they’ve had some big bonding time this year and she was really supportive and impressed that we can have these conversations. His brother also knows about it and is supportive but I don’t think we’d share with any other family members.


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Hello from a very wet East Midlands! This is only my second post so still a bit new to this forum and to polyamory.


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Hey all hope your all keeping well?

Only joined this site a couple of days ago :).

We are a poly-triad group and looking to meet other poly groups.
Not for a hook up (lol) but just to chat, get to know and possibly meet up other poly peeps (non judgemental people lol)...

We are based in East London/Essex boarders...

Hope to chat soon
Dan 👋