Unicorn seeks stable


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I live in Colorado and I'm seeking a couple who might be interested in a triad relationship. I guess that's what the title of my post said :)

I met a couple last summer and although I'm pretty bi, I didn't know they were interested in me and polyamory until we became good friends. They asked me if I was interested and I was. It's a lot longer story than that but I'll keep it short for now. They had to move to Idaho for work (Forest Service) and I stayed behind because I wanted to stay in school.

Our relationship was really great in a million little ways and although we had to have lots of talks, it was the kind of relationship I would do again in a second. We were far from perfect for each other but we made it work through good communication, honesty and work. I don't know if we would have stayed together for the long term or not. All three of us focused on the present and didn't worry as much about the future. When one of us would get a little nutty, the other two would help bring back perspective. That's one of the million little ways that triad relationships work well.

So I would like to join the community of polyamorous people. I know I'm considered a "unicorn" but I'm not so rare. I was introduced to the lifestyle by a generous and loving couple and I want to learn and mature with another. I'm betting a lot of people feel the same as me but never were put into the right situation. I'm not interested in single men or single women. I really really don't want a friends with benefits relationship and I really really don't want to hook up. Thanks for understanding.

I'm 5'1" and slender. I am pretty normal. I like to ski and do outdoor stuff as well as indoor. I was on the cross-country team in HS and I still run for fitness. I had to drop out of college for financial reasons but I intend to go back this fall if the school opens. Right now I'm living on next year's college savings. :( but I'm looking hard for further employment. I know it will work out.

I was really lucky to run into the couple that I did earlier. Will I be lucky again?


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Hello my name is Chris I'm a colorado Native. I've been looking for a bisexual girl to create a threelationship with. I'd love to get to know you. 719 293 5130 text or call.