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This forum was founded on the idea that communication, empathy, and the functional relationship skills so necessary for poly relationships should be fostered here. The primary rule of this board is for members to be considerate towards each other. Other guidelines for board members include (but are not limited to):

  1. Do a search before posting a question to ensure that it hasn't already been answered. If you find an old but relevant thread feel free to continue it, but keep in mind that the original participants may be long gone.

  2. Use a descriptive topic name when starting a new thread. "New to this" or "Help!!??!!" are not good choices.

  3. Edit your post within 24 hours if you have made an error or change your mind about posting. Moderators will not delete or edit posts for you once the edit window has expired, nor will they delete your account if you decide to leave.

  4. When replying to a post keep your response on topic. If you are unable to do so then start a new thread. If you include a quote, quote only enough to establish the context for your response.

  5. When including material from other websites, respect copyright by quoting only the relevant section and provide a link to the source.

  6. Some of the terms used on this board may be unfamiliar to you. You can learn what they mean through context or by reading the Glossary and Definitions thread. Please do not interrupt discussions to ask about unknown words unless you have exhausted all other options.

  7. The Dating & Friendships forum is not for discussions or for seeking advice. If you do not wish date or befriend the Original Poster then do not post in these threads.

  8. The Life stories and blogs section is for sharing poly experiences in a safe place. No arguing, criticism, or uninvited advice-giving is permitted in these threads.

  9. The Introductions forum is often the first contact a new poster—who may be at an early stage of their poly experience—will have with this community. They may need a little support rather than immediate education, so be gentle with them.

  10. Constructive criticism and polite disagreement are welcome outside of the forums listed above, but uncivil behaviour such as trolling or flaming is not permitted anywhere and should be reported to the moderators when found.

  11. Just because you've seen variations on the same problem 172,394 times before doesn't mean it's not a new and pressing issue for the person posting it. Keep the primary rule in mind and be considerate. Don't expect a new poster to know the ins and outs of poly jargon or to be well versed in poly theory; be gentle with them. Making judgments about other users, especially about the validity of their poly, is strongly discouraged.

  12. If you are new, be aware that what you're going through has probably happened previously to someone else and may well have been discussed before in great detail. Accept the advice and criticism you receive in the spirit in which it's intended.

  13. Be sure you mean it if you announce that you are leaving this board forever; you won't be welcomed back.

  14. Moderation issues and questions about the guidelines should be brought up with the moderators privately via PM rather than posted to the board, and emailing the moderators to demand that you be taken out of moderated mode will not produce the result you desire.

  15. Due to the nature of this site it contains discussions of adult and sexual themes. You must be age 18 or over in order to participate.
Everything that is posted here is subject to our editorial control. We may delete materials, in whole or in part, to maintain the integrity of the site. We may edit materials instead of deleting them to bring the materials into conformance with our guidelines. We will remove any material we find objectionable, whether it involves an issue explicitly discussed in these guidelines or not. Any post containing non-poly-related commercial links will be deleted and the user who posted it will be banned as a spammer. Non-English posts will be assumed to be spam and treated accordingly.
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