Wanted: Single Male (California)


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Hello, everyone! I would like to tell you a little about ourselves and what it is that we are looking for. :cool:

We are very close, best of friends and a happily married M/F couple. My husband is bi-sexual. We are both looking for a non-aggressive, non-arrogant, bi-sexual single male who is interested in a committed relationship.

Friends first of course. There is no rush. You must be completely single. We are honest and integrity is very important to us. We are looking for the whole package. We want to share our hearts and ourselves fully. But not "just" sex. We are very intuitive and we will know if you're playing games. So if that's your thing, please save us both the time. We are looking for someone that we both have chemistry with.

Wife: 5'5" 200lbs

Husband: 5'10" 230lbs

We're between 35-40 years old and Caucasian. We will exchange photos after some conversation, if we feel we may be a potentially good fit. We are shy people and value our privacy.

If you are interested in getting to know us further, please send us a message. We would love to hear from you. =D