Warning signs?


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I know that for the most part you should stay out of your partner's relationships. I am trying hard to do that, although my partner tends to drag me into them. Quick backstory - we've been together a long time and are best friends, so we have the bad habit of using each other as a sounding board for our other relationships.

Anyway, what I'm wondering is if there are ever any red flags or warning signs that a person is trying to sabotage your relationship. I have a very bad feeling about the person that my partner is dating right now, but he gets very defensive and upset when I bring it up. I've tried talking to her, but I feel like she's very dishonest.

Are there ever any serious signs that someone is not to be trusted? Anything that I can do if I feel like this is a potentially toxic relationship? Or do I just have to grit my teeth and wait it out?


First, put up boundaries forbidding your partner to discuss her or allow her to share your space. Then consider if you trust your partner. If you do, continue knowing that he won't let her harm your relationship regardless of how long he keeps her on, himself.