What anime(s) did you last see/are currently watching?


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My preference is animes in general, although if you really liked a non japanese cartoon that's alright too :)

Right now, I'm watching the ongoing series Psycho Pass, which I'm finding to be quite good.

I'm also watching Rosario + Vampire, but I'm not sure how much longer I'll be doing that; someone online said it wasn't the best and I'm wondering if maybe he's right. I really liked it at first but I'm now on episode 10. Maybe I'll finish off the first season, not sure about the second.

Before these 2, I saw Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom. I've now put that as my second favourite anime, right after St. Luminous Mission High School (If you've never heard of that anime, don't worry, I don't think most people have :p). It really moved me, although was frequently pretty depressing; wanted to watch something warm and fluffy after that which is kind of why I got into Rosaria Vampire I think :p.