What did you do today that made you smile?

I thought you said you couldnt work anymore?
I know today has been only going for about an hour, but I crawled into bed, cuddled up to my wife, and kissed her cheek before wishing her a happy anniversary. Now if only I could sleep it would be perfect.
I thought you said you couldnt work anymore?
Well Mags, I have to do what's necessary to keep food on the table and a roof over our heads. I am in extreme pain every day. I just went yesterday and got an MRI of my lower back. The Dr. said that my back looks like someone shot it with a shot gun. :eek: Some vertebrae are missing pieces of bone that should be there, others, have extra where there shouldn't be any. It is temporary until January. I am doing what I can, in an effort to keep my family from being evicted. My wife should get her license from the state any day now, and as soon as does, she'll be working making $25 per hour, and said that I can stop then. But we need income now. I'm also going to see an attorney about getting on disability because of my back.

Back on topic:

I'm starting my new job today. :D
Happy Anniversary BD ! ...and RW !
I hope it was a great one.

I am smiling simply because I am surrounded by really good people. What I did today, to bring the smile, is based on yesterday. My 'yesterdays' seem to be lining up pretty good.
As I posted the other day, My wedding anneversary was the 19th, we're celebrating today, my parents are taking our son for the night, we're going out to a "nice" dinner, and some adult fun, just the two of us.

Next weekend our girlfriend is coming up, another thing to smile about:D

I hope you all have a great day.
Just ordered plane tickets for a trip to Florida in mid December to see my sister! :) 10 days in the tropics... mmm....
Got my first paycheck and opened a new bank account. :)
Fixed my 99 Mustang. Back on the road again and using LESS fuel than when I had to drive my Bronco. ;)
I danced to a slow-song in my living room, with my husband. 'Our song' came on the radio, and he grabbed my hand and pulled me in. The kids all giggled and watched.
This was right after I told him I had been conversing with someone he isn`t very fond of. He shrugged his shoulders and said he trusted me, that is all that mattered.
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I went to see RP's burlesque show. She debuted a new number and performed 3 in total tonight. Her numbers are always full of fun and personality. She sure knows how to put on a show!