What is the weirdest thing you think is hot?


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Try to just post one at a time so we can discuss and laugh.

I think that a hard working woman is hot as shit.
I don't care if she is a doctor, waitress, mom, welder, accountant or farmer. If I know a woman works her ass off and puts forth 100 percent, I am instantly attracted to her. I would actually pass up a prettier gal for one that has a great work ethic. I would look down at her while we were grinding away in bed and think, "this lady put in a full days work."

Good dads! Nothing sexier than seeing a man wear a baby in a carrier, even better if he looks like a hippie lol

Oh yes! And long hair please!!
People who are good at karaoke. I'm a karaokesexual.
Glasses. I LOVE them on women. I suppose what I mean is that I find the women in them attractive. I haven't got a clue why. Now that I think about it though, I think a woman's choice in frames says a lot about her personality and how she sees herself. I'm sure there are people who just ask "What's the cheapest you got...?" but I think most people put some thought into it. I still don't think that quite explains why I find a woman in glasses so attractive, but I do, and now I have something to ponder..... :)
Competence. Someone who has put a lot of effort into becoming good at something is sexy.
Mostly my attractions conversation based though, do I enjoy your company? Do you share your thoughts and feelings with me? Do you listen to mine?

I am totally crazy about nurses. I know exactly when it started too. I was going through puberty and I had horrible stomach pains. My mom took me to the doctor and a good looking nurse came in, had me remove my clothes and promptly stuck her finger up my ass. Instant life long obsession.
I am not into the ass thing but I am really into nurses. Woo woo!
I think that women with some kind of wistful aura about them have a singular attraction for me. The two women who ever became life partners with me had that aura.
Artsy all around! A woman who has that bohemian, artsy vibe makes my knees go all weak.
Boots and Feisty Liberated Women. Preferably together.
I love an unapologetic passion for things that other people find geeky or lame (even if it's something I find geeky or lame). It's a total turn-on to me because it makes me think that person is true to himself.

By the same token, I am quite turned OFF by men who are fanatics about some socially expected things. Mainly sports.
Mental calculations.
I can do most things with a pencil and paper but struggle to hold numbers in my and manipulate them.
Watching someone do it in their head? Very sexy.
maybe its just me

but I was watching Renee just goofing off in the living room with the boys and she just look so amazing dancing and being silly with a big smile on her face, and I just wanted to grab and kiss her (I waited lol)

but that really did and does it for me.

well we have a fun night ahead of us, I hope everyone has a great Saturday
Am I crazy?

I love seeing my wife's wedding ring when she's holding hands with or kissing her boyfriend. (is that crazy?)

That and in general I love a woman who is kind and polite to waiters and waitresses. For some reason I find that really sexy.